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  1. Slaphappy

    Machine Gun Kelly live at 2021 VMAs

    Kinda sounds like or structured like a Twenty One Pilots songs
  2. Slaphappy

    Danny Gatton - Hometown Hero - Raw Footage

    As a lifelong resident of Charles County MD I never even heard of Danny Gatton until one day in the 80's I stopped in a small club on 210 Hwy that I believe was call Billy Jacks to get a beer early in the evening and I heard the band behind me setting up for the night and someone was ripping...
  3. Slaphappy

    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    Just like DC should... :red :red :red
  4. Slaphappy

    Crosby's candid thoughts on Young

    I wish someone would tell DC nobody give a flying fark what he thinks...
  5. Slaphappy

    Les Paul Style Guitar

    No doubt but it's really hard for me to justify a $2K increase in cost for a guitar right now with other things that need attention.
  6. Slaphappy

    Les Paul Style Guitar

    Pretty nice looking guitar.....BTW your link is 404 not found. How were you able to play a Firefly local...used?
  7. Slaphappy

    Les Paul Style Guitar

    Anyone have any experience with Epiphone or Xaviere (Guitar Fetish) or Firefly or any of the other LP style guitars? Also needs to be 24 - 3/4" scale. Budget $300 - $500
  8. Slaphappy

    Nancy Wilson Of Heart Plays A Medley On Howard Stern (1999)

    Beautiful! :love: :love: :love:
  9. Slaphappy

    Headrush MX5

    Lol....I agree but hopefully like most factory presets they sound like ass but you tweak them to sound more better or download custom patches ....the clean amp sounded pretty good.
  10. Slaphappy

    Looking to Assemble a Small Pedal Board as a Back Up Rig or Something to take to a Jam for Rehearsal

    The Peavey combo amp doesn't cut it by it's self at least not something I'd want to use as a back up for a gig. At least with something like a PowerStage is small and a few pedals I could carry with me and could get me through the night if the Kemper were to go down as it has before.
  11. Slaphappy

    What brand of strings do you use? And why?

    EB 09's because they're slinky and not kinky... :red :red :red
  12. Slaphappy

    Looking and Pick Ups and there are (2) Sizes 50mm & 53mm

    Yesh but I didn't know what the distance represented.....now I do.
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