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    Two-stompbox pedalboard?

    Klon(e) and DMMTT500 - for a classic rock sound My other choice would be a Keeley DCR and a Boss DD-2 for a blues rock sound.
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    I think I'm done with small boards...

    I agree. For live use, much better spaced out and if you wear boots all the time when playing's hard to finesse when they're too close together. Studio use sitting on top of the amp or whatever I can understand. Live, no way.
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    When do you use Digital Delay over Analog Delay for guitar?

    I prefer my DD-2 in the loop and my DMM in front. The DD-2 gives a bit more clarity with soloing for a slight shorter delay to fatten solos and the DMM with modulation in front provides a more ambient and rhythmic effect depending on picking/rhythm style. I like the clearer crisp sound of...
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    Let's talk about the 80s again....

    1983 was a great year for new wave and one hit wonders!
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    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    Pedal Tuner (TU-3) is a win-win on board - great buffer, silent switching between guitars, extra power input if needed, and silent accurate tuning without interference.
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    Keeley DCR

    I just picked up one of these off Reverb. What a great versatile pedal. The Bluesbreaker OD and the Leslie/Rotary sounds are real keepers. The Flange is also a very deluxe mistress like...which is a great added bonus. Add in a boost and a delay to this and you have a great sounding and...
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    Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe: Preamp Active When Pedal Off?

    Tone wise....The BED and the Echorec also need a buffer after them compensates for the loss of highs. They respond and sound much differently when the buffer is added. I’m not sure why....but I’m not a fan of the “dull and darker” eq they naturally provide.
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    New Blue Oyster Cult album!

    Big BOC fan...I preordered the vinyl of the new album. Sounds great!
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    His demo of the Boss RE-20 is the best one out there IMO.
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    Single coil Telecaster pickups for Classic Rock/Blues.

    Lollars.... you will never look back.
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    “Right Next Door” by Robert Cray

    Definitely a hint of chorus on that solo with some mild mid boost I’m hearing. After listening to this for the first time in a long time...I’m also hearing a subtle chorus tail on the chords (like a Dimension Chorus) which was very popular in the studios at this time. Just my two cents.
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    Non Velcro pedalboards? Whats out there?

    small world! Thanks for the compliment too
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    Non Velcro pedalboards? Whats out there?

    I think it's incredibly brilliant quite honestly. Assuming the magnets would have no interference with electronics (I wouldn't know)...but it's 2020 and the use of magnets to fix to a pedalboard hasn't been even put into production yet. Great idea.
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    Talk me out of selling my 2000s EHX DMM.

    Don't do it...nothing else sounds like it! RE-20 is a great tape delay...but you will miss the DMM modulation...I've been down this road once before. I have both again...after selling my first DMM to @orogeny -- that was a mistake...but I made a good friend from the sale. Go figure.

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