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    Best Fender Blackface Pre Amp

    I’ll echo the Sarno SMS, because I don’t think you’ll get close enough with a pedal. Tubes are core.
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    K&k min + on board pre

    I like that it’s on board, small, and works. I found a supplier and OT now installed. That said, if I wanted a outboard unit I’d likely grab a SArno Black Box. Thanks all.
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    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    that’s not the case, I just don’ think as much of guitar wizardry as others. I wouldn’t put Satch or a dozen other‘s that folks here adore in that category either. EVH had a huge audience, and as a result, great influence. I’ve never once thought, “how would Eddie play that”. I’ve often wondered...
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    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    EVH isn't even in the top 20 rock guitar players. Influential... sure. Innovative? Not really. Random, fast, with a few borrowed parlor tricks.
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    Cognitive Dissonance and Fender Mexico

    American made vs what? That ship sailed eons ago. I have no idea what an American car vs Asian made car is anymore. It doesn’t matter. You’re seriously not saving your neighbors job by buying American. I’ve got an American made strat and a couple MIM tele’s. I can’t tell a difference in woods...
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    OK I'm just putting Tusq nuts on all my guitars.

    I have bone on a couple, but tusq is my go to.
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    Getting a swirl free finish on nitro?

    Get the graduated set of pads from StewMac. They work perfectly for exactly this. It’s like $9 or 12. Well worth it.
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    Guitar Center shipped me a fake Marshall JTM45

    FWIW... I put those feet on every amp. And, while not collector worthy, I’ve built plexi heads that sound better than some originals. I get you’re pain... and that’s really bad on GC’s part... but you never know.
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    Help me get my 1966 pro reverb in the best shape of it's life

    For sure your amp isn’t all original and that will impact value. But the replacements are good ones as far as we can see. And, the Pro Reverb is way under rated. But it’s a killer amp. That’s it’s black face makes it an easier sell. I sold mine because I’m not a huge fan 12” speakers that don’t...
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    Fender princeton with 10 or 12

    I’m a fan of 2x10 or 2x8... but it’s an awkward combo. I use a head and cab.
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    JBL D123 Questions

    Sounds like you might have a bumm speaker. It’s true that those were typically set up with polarity reversed, but lots of speaker guys ‘correct’ that when they get re-coned. Unfortunately the factory recone kits are mostly gone (check with Edgewound here... he’s as good and knowledgable as they...
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    SF Champ Question

    I have a FJ 10”... it’s pretty cool.
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    Premier Guitar: “When Exactly Did ‘Boutique Pedals’ Become a Thing?”

    They were called ‘home made’ in the seventies when radio shack was relevant.
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    SF Champ Question

    I’ve been raving about mine (2) ever since putting Jupiter8’s and 6L6’s in. Just put a WGS alnico 8 in and it’s even more of a monster. Taking it to an open jam (outside bar) tonight. Can’t wait!
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    SF Champ Question

    I run a 6L6 in my champs. Some folks advise against it, but having done the math... and that never dime fenders, I’m comfortable with it. Bigger with a tad more headroom. JJ 6v6’s are very similar in construction to 6L6’s... giving you more clear head room than typical 6v6’s. If head room is...

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