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    For everyone who owns several amps...a quick question

    I think a little variety is nice. Unless you're someone who doesn't like variety.
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    New Marshall JVM 410H/210H and cab?

    I keep coming back to the JVM. I agree that it has (overall) a more "modern" and compressed sound. Maybe a touch "darker" too. But I dig the sound, and have no doubt, it is all Marshall. Just another of the many variations on the theme. I also agree that it gets on very well with G12T-75's...
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    Who influenced you to play the guitar.

    Mid 80s... Bruce Springsteen had a lot to do with it: Then there was this chick in school I was trying to impress
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    MIJ guitars that rival custom shop

    I agree, I had a mid-late 80s Japanese strat and while it was a good guitar, my American Standard has a better finished frets and fretboard.
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    Herco case humidifier

    If you mean the ones with some kind of earth/stone inside, no not effective. Mine isn't absorbent at all. Useless so I make my own humidifier with a little square of damp sponge and a plastic film case with holes drilled in it.
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    How many electrics do you guys have?

    3 Am. Standard Strat Gibson LP Studio Gretsch 6131 MY
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    What would you do? (Guitar misrepresented by Boutique Guitar Exchange)

    Send them pics ASAP and demand a partial refund. Mint means mint, no blemishes.
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    Rob & the Captain Review Gibson 2015

    Am I alone in thinking that those necks look really wide. I know that they have been widened, but they look like a 2x4 to me. I guess I need to play one.
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    NGD - Gisbon Les Paul Futura Pacific Blue Fade

    You can tune the guitar manually with Min-E-Tune. Says so in the manual. Nice guitar, I would be playing the **** of it right now...
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    Most expensive pedal on your board...Worth it?

    Empress Heavy $350 CDN Great tones. But I wouldn't have paid any more.
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    New Guitar Sales?

    I think from a choice and quality of gear standpoint, now is as good a time as ever to be a guitarist. At the “low” end, foreign-built Epiphones, Mexi-strats, Electomatics etc. are damn fine guitars at a reasonable price point when one considers the materials and labour involved...
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    Best Tube Amps With Adjustable Wattage and Headphone Jack

    The Marshall Class 5 is all tube, switchable from 5 to 1 watts and has a headphone jack. Because it has a dummy load, one can safely plug the speaker into the headphone jack and attenuate the volume even further. It does classic rock, but will need a distortion pedal to reach "saturated high...
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    Will amp relic'ing ever become a thing?

    Let's hope not.
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    Short scale guitars?

    The Gretsch "Jet" line of solid body electrics (e.g. Duojet) have a 24.6" scale length.
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