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    Owning more than one type of guitar

    I'd love to think like that...instead, I have guitars everywhere.
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    Value of a 1984 Kramer Baretta?

    I love it. I need a banana headstock too...
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    '59 for sale ...

    I wonder if the intonation is 'in'...
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    When you setup your guitar, do you wing it or use one of these...

    I just wing it but if I was into doing my own fret work then maybe I'd have to consider a new tool or two...
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    What will a refret do to the binding of my Les Paul?

    That's probably it!! This photo shows a dude performing a process which puts me in mind of the marks I've seen on the bindings too...
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    Love Those Pointy Guitars Thread

    Kramers Charvels & Jackson
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    Floyd: larger sustain block?

    I can't say much more than what is in my first post on this thread really. It is such a quick upgrade in my opinion I don't know why more people don't do it before replacing pickups.
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    What will a refret do to the binding of my Les Paul?

    I have. They are interesting in my opinion...but I don't recall seeing that part of the process in the tour vids that I've seen.
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    What will a refret do to the binding of my Les Paul?

    Someone who went on a Gibson tour told me that there was a lady there using a scraper doing something to the neck and it was during a discussion about bindings. It seems to me that it was a piece of glass...maybe... It would be interesting to see that process!!
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    What will a refret do to the binding of my Les Paul?

    I don't know the answer to that one mc5nrg. I thought that they always had them like that with bindings. I'll tell you one thing though...the sloppiness of the binding work is what made my decision to buy a Studio instead of one of the fancy ones. I love Gibson, I think the Les Paul is the...
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    Floyd: larger sustain block?

    Both of the guitars I put the larger blocks in are Kramers. One is a Kramer F-1000 and the other is an American Series Pacer Custom II. I don't think you'd run into any Kramer from the 1980s that would require any routing. F-1000 and the Pacer Custom II is on the left
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    Good Electric: $300-$600?

    For sure. I got a Tribute Legacy Premium for quite a bit under the bottom of the posted 'price range' for this thread...$258 plus shipping...!!
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