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  1. snow and steel

    FS Burstbucker 1 and 2 set, nickel covers, mint, $150

    Set of burstbucker 1 [neck] and burstbucker 2 [bridge] pulled from my 2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s. Lots of lead on both, and virtually new and mint, no marks that I can see. Will come with springs and screws. $150, usps priority shipping and Insurance In the USA.
  2. snow and steel

    2x12 vs. 4x12

    I happen to think my 2x12's look pretty cool
  3. snow and steel

    Post your BLUES JAMS here.

    I'm playing guitar here.... does this count?
  4. snow and steel

    2x12 vs. 4x12

    I prefer a 2x12, with an open back. 4x12 is too much bass as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not trying to step on his frequencies. Add in the bigger footprint, harder to haul, more weight... and when on big stages you only mic one speaker anyways.... what's the point?
  5. snow and steel

    Gibson 355 aftermarket Pickup replacements. Whats your favorite 355 vintage type of pickup replacement

    Duncan antiquities Gibson 57's are great Fir a touch more mids and snarl, Dimarzio 36th Anniversaries are great too.
  6. snow and steel

    anybody else replace their univibe with a phase 95?

    I can get more use out of a phaser, and for most of the audience the 45 setting on my m95 is close enough. In a recording the difference is apparent, and I'd use the vibe. For live I prefer a smaller,simpler board, so I "fake it" with the m95. Perfect? No. Close enough for the drunks in a venue...
  7. snow and steel

    15 watt and smaller amps worth looking at?

    The trend over the last decade - and growing stronger every year - is fir lower and lower stage volumes, and lower bar/club volumes in general. As such, for those types of gigs in the last couple years I've gigged a Marshall class 5 more than anything else! It's only 5 watts, but it is class A...
  8. snow and steel

    Specifically what is a "Boomer Bend?

    A term used by kids to put down the classic style of playing guitar to make themselves feel better about paying $200 to see someone press "play" on thier laptap.
  9. snow and steel

    The Black Les Paul

    My absolute favorite guitar is a black studio. I have customs and standards and plenty of guitars worth a lot more... but this one is my favorite and the one that always feels the most like "home". I've written about the history of this guitar so I won't bore you with it again. The black and...
  10. snow and steel

    The father of boomer bends?

    I'm glad we have kids who pay hundreds to go see someone press play on a laptop keeping the rest of us in check on these things
  11. snow and steel

    cheapest rig you've gigged with

    I had a string of gigs with a group where the money was pretty good, but one particular gig was in a place that not only allowed smoking, but was significantly smaller than the rest of the places they played, and in a bd part of town too. This meant a real tight stage with not much room, and a...
  12. snow and steel

    I'm without an amp. Starting to get desperate enough to consider buying a DI or modeller. Please talk me out of it.

    I'd hit your local used section, maybe a pawn shop, and look for something like a peavey bandit. Should be well under 100, indestructible, can make a great pedal platform amp - especially in a pinch if you need a backup amp in an emergency or for a friend. They sound surprisingly good and it...
  13. snow and steel

    What would you choose? Gibson LP Standard 50's Iced Tea Awesome Top VS Gibson LP Special & Fender Richie Kotzen Tele

    I'd sell the tele [it's cool, but hell you can build one yourself like that if you want later] and keep the Junior, then get the sweetwater card - this gives you months to pay it off. Send the money form the junior, and pay it off over 6 months interest free. Just make sure you're a responsible...
  14. snow and steel

    Doing your own fret work and setups.

    I do all my own truss rods, bridge adjustments, action adjustments, and intonation. I will replace parts as well. The one thing I don't want to do is re-fret. I did it - ONCE - And honestly, I think I did an awesome job - but it took me 10 times as long as a pro because I was a measure ten times...
  15. snow and steel

    Correct faber bridge for Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's

    I've got a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's I'd like to replace the bridge on with a faber unit. Does anyone know which one is the right replacement? Any insight is appreciated, thanks!
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