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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    What is the white pedal with the house/buildings on it?
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    Who knows anything about Taylor's?

    I agree. I have a Taylor and I probably wouldn't buy another one but I got the opportunity to play one of the RTaylor's and It could easily find it's way home to my house.
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    Custom Designed Guitar

    David also worked with another customer (a member here I think) to build this one the customer had designed. Myka Sungazer
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    EH Holy Grail. Power??

    Good...that's what I've got. :dude
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    EH Holy Grail. Power??

    So output 5 or 6 is the key to powering the Holy Grail? Is that the basic conclusion?
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    Question for you Pedal Power II owners

    Alright! Thanks! I'll give it a try. :dude
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    Question for you Pedal Power II owners

    How sure are you of this? I've been wanting to try my FD2 with 18 volts. So what you're saying is that I can put the FD2 on one of the Line6 ports and flip the switch as if I was running a L6 modeler and it should do the trick?
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    Anybody ever heard/used the Blue "Ball" mic?

    Well I suppose that's better that just having blue ones. :D
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    Making a Variax feel like a guitar?

    That's too stinkin' cool...I like it.
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    i love my blueridge

    I bought a Blueridge in '93 (maybe '94). I think it is a BR10. I can't remember. It was very plaing looking. Not at all like they are now. Extremely basic with the "Blueridge" logo in gold lettering on the headstock. Sounded great but it was very rough around the edges. I think they were...
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    Check out this Sweet Myka!

    I LIKE it!! :dude
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    So how do these things work? If there's nothing traditional about them what do they do that's different. They look really cool.
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    PRS factory...

    I went on the tour aobut 3 years ago. Well, sort of. I was visiting my inlaws in Northern Virgina and I decided that I'd try to drive to Annapolis for the tour. So I called them up and they said they only tours certain days at a specific time. Well It just so happened that one there was one...
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    PRS factory...

    I just want to know who plays the tele and strat in the background. Is it just me or is the perspective a bit skewed on those things?