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    Delay: Looking for “the standard”, please help

    Just got a UAFX Starlight here. Easily kicked the el Cap off the board… and I’ve loved that pedal for looong time. I’ve also had most of the favorites at one time or another. Starlight seems like the one I’ve been waiting for = No change/color to dry sound (unless you want) and able to dial...
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    Favorite Dual Overdrive Pedal?

    1. KoT (high gain red) 2. Duelist 2022 (very close 2nd)
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    Attention HSS Strat People

    If you like the single coil sound. It just looking for bit more fro that bridge pu - checkout adding a baseplate. Bit of magic mojo in my guitars. Not as big of a change as as a new pu, but definitely noticeable https://www.fralinpickups.com/product/prepped-baseplate/
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    Strymon El Capistan - Still worth it after all these years?

    His thread made me dig out my El Cap and get reacquainted. So glad I did, she’s back on the main board where it belongs. Thanks all!!!
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    Expensive guitar owners...

    What if I have a +$15k FCS Strat and tear out the frets for some stainless, ding up the body a bit, swap out the pickups, etc…. and also know how to play? What does that make me? Is that ok with you? Is it?
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    Browne Protein AND King Tone Duellist?

    Get the Duelist 2022 if you can. The extra switches/options make it much more flexible. I’m enjoying SRV mode on the SS side and amp mode w/ asymmetrical clipping on the HH site. Stacking up low gain drives is essentially the same as what any cascading preamp is doing.
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    What “dethroned” your King of Tone?

    i got it direct from KingTone, ordered around 12/19 and got it on 12/29. https://www.kingtoneguitar.com/product/the-duellist-pedal-board-friendly/
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    What “dethroned” your King of Tone?

    I recently got a Duelist 2022… great pedal and almost (may still yet) dethrone my KoT. The Tchula into the KoT is somewhat magical to me and full of character. The Duelist on its own can definitely get in the ballpark but maintains its own vibe. Which to my ear is a bit (just a bit) less...
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    Let's say you were to pair your KoT with something.....?

    Ima Tchula into KoT kinda guy. Besides having 2 additional levels of gain to stack up, the Tchula adds some amp-like low end back into the mix - which the KoT cuts out. But the beautiful thing here is that this re-found low goodness doesn’t muddy up a mix. Magic Tchula!
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    Find Me The Meat In My Princeton Sandwich

    I’m using a couple of Fender Pro Jr’s and 64 PRRI as the meat. Sounds glorious - if they’re good enough for Jeff Beck…. Actually they do sound pretty great on their own. I’d recommend checking out a Pro Jr
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    Fewer pedals, purer tone.

    I just discovered the combination of a Tchula into a KoT and it was a “you complete me” moment
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    Some folks actually like what an AD/DA does on certain pedals. Ex: Tim Pierce digs the H9 for this. Personally, I’m in the keep it analog (as much as possible) group.
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    Who does Marshall better than Marshall???

    I think that’s the point
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    Cornerstone Gladio

    @cornerstone_gear … at the risk of sounding like a creepy-old-internet-geezer… your wife has a beautiful smile and eyes. Take time to appreciate working along side an angel and we’ll get back to enjoying the pixie/fairy dust.
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