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Recent content by southpaw pete

  1. southpaw pete

    Radial PZ-Pro 2-Channel Acoustic Preamp

    I used the PZ Deluxe for a number of years, which is like a one channel version of this one's predecessor. Absolutely great pedal/preamp/DI. Solid build, clean and clear sound, and very thoughtfully designed for the performing musician. Definitely would be an excellent fit for someone needing to...
  2. southpaw pete

    How to remove LR Baggs Anthem?

    When my anthem sl was first installed, I found it to be really bassy as well - the E and A strings were way too loud compared with the others. So I took out my saddle, and lightly sanded down the underside of the saddle under those two strings. Put it back in and it is now way more balanced.
  3. southpaw pete

    Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar

    I hear ya. I bought a Simon and Patrick songsmith parlor a number of years to accompany me on a trip to Ireland. Very similar to the Ami, just by another branch of the Godin acoustic families. That little guitar is still often my go to guitar when I'm just sitting around the house, writing a...
  4. southpaw pete

    La Patrie Factory Tours (I own two of them)

    I have a Godin electric, Simon and Patrick songsmith parlour, vintage Norman 12 string, Simon and Patrick showcase rosewood, and my wife also owns a La Patrie (just the Etude model). Definitely a big fan of the Godin family of guitars haha. I bought the parlour to bring on a trip overseas a...
  5. southpaw pete

    Inside acoustic pedalboards

    Thanks! And yeah, I'll definitely be checking those out...
  6. southpaw pete

    Inside acoustic pedalboards

    I know what you mean. And what a quest to achieve that goal, eh?! But that's kinda what I find with what the Session adds. It gives that final touch, like mastering on an album or something. Sure, I like my sound without it as well, but now that it's there, everything is just... better. More...
  7. southpaw pete

    Inside acoustic pedalboards

    Here it is. Relatively simple, powered with a 1Spot. And I gotta say, I am loving the Session pedal! Just got it recently, and am amazed at how it can be so subtle yet make such a difference in my tone! Really wanting to try out the others in the align series next, especially the reverb!
  8. southpaw pete

    Inside acoustic pedalboards

    I'll see what I can do...
  9. southpaw pete

    Inside acoustic pedalboards

    My main guitar is a Simon and patrick showcase rosewood, with an LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup. My other guitar is a (Westerly) Guild JF30 with a Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup. For the longest while that was my gigging guitar, often though either a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI, TC Play Acoustic, or...
  10. southpaw pete

    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    I've got lots of straps I enjoy and find comfortable, but this would have to be my favourite. A singer from the worship team at my previous church hand made this custom strap for me. I offered to pay, but she wanted it to be a gift!
  11. southpaw pete

    Visual Sound Route 66 V3

    Any other comments out there about the compressor side of the Route 66 V3? Just wondering how much quieter it is compared to the V2.
  12. southpaw pete

    Visual Sound Route 66 V3

    I've been a fan of Visual Sound/Truetone for quite a while. I've got many of the V2 pedals, and recently I finally bought a VSXO. I had been wanting to try one since they came out, and it definitely did not disappoint! Love the tweakability, the new switches, and of course, the tone. Now, of...
  13. southpaw pete

    NGD: Visual Sound VS-XO

    I remember the anticipation when VS XO first came out, but then never got around to buying one until recently. I've got quite a few of the V2 series, but this VS XO takes it all to a whole new level! I especially appreciate the subtle re-voicing of the Open Road side, and the inclusion of the...
  14. southpaw pete

    Is the DigiTech multi chorus buffered ?

    Yeah, I believe it is buffered. I had it a number of years ago, and remember how lush it could get with up to eight "voices", especially in stereo. I still think about tracking another one down - that and the Digiverb (mostly for the "church" mode).
  15. southpaw pete

    Boss MS-3 Tips, Tricks & Settings Thread

    You're welcome, Taco-man. It is such a relatively minor feature, but so helpful! I also use it on my clean preset to brighten things up a bit.