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    Drew Goodin Guitar Cabinetry

    :wave Still around! Going to be doing a run of builds ahead of time very soon, including a couple ported Thiele cabs. Will put those completed builds in the Emporium. Can still reach me for custom stuff through the site - Stay tuned...
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    Sold Saturnworks 25k Micro Volume Pedal - $20 shipped

    I just bought this from Saturnworks this week but my needs quickly changed; there's nothing wrong with it so I don't want to return it to them. Will pass along to a TGPer for $10 or so off new. This has the large rubber MXR knob cover as shown. This thing is tiny, 2 1/4" square with jacks on...
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    Sold Fender / Dimarzio / CTS HSS loaded pickguard - MIM 6-screw Tremolo Bridge - $100 for all!

    This was pulled from a local CL find which I brought back to S/S/S. Tested first, everything works. I determined the single coils to be original to the guitar - a late '00s Classic 60s. They are vintage staggered, low output - sound great. 5.8-6 kohm DC resistance. The humbucker is an F-spaced...
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    Jim Kelley Reverb for sale at Goodwill

    Imagine finding a JK right between the tupperware and the VHS tapes...
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    Your favorite "simple" 1-channel amps?

    Bella Deliverance Kelley 30/60 DR504 Hard to pick but probably the JK for the amazing range of tones given the simple front panel.
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    Drew Goodin Guitar Cabinetry

    Bump, link to some nice recent builds added to the OP.
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    Hello guys! Hard Rock guitarist here

    That intro was hilarious and I still read it in my head in Super Mario voice. So you're good! Welcome to TGP.
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    Sold Vox 4x8 cab - Celestion/Vox blue ceramics - hard to find!

    Pretty uncommon thing I reckon, these were sold as a set with a limited run of Pathfinder 15R heads many years ago. Celesiton-made Vox "Bulldog" speakers. I ran the back panel on this one through the table saw and cleanly converted it to an open-back. I also replaced the flimsy input jack...
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    Anyone know of someone in the LA area for a cab retolex?

    Not sure if they offer it as a standalone service, but I would check with VBoutique in Orange County.
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    Sold Mint green Fender Stratocaster pickguard with 5-way and bridge pickup

    As the title says, this nice 3-ply mint guard was pulled from a classic series 60s strat from 2007-08. The original signed-bottom bridge pickup and 5-way switch is included. The leads are just long enough to reach back of volume pot and switch. 11-hole 60s pattern (screw hole between neck and...
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    NRAD(New recabbed amp day)

    Great work.
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    Sold Xotic AC Plus $82 shipped

    Dropped a bit (the price, not the pedal).
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