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    Delay setting for Gilmour “Run like hell”?

    I used to have this on my nova delay but got rid of it, now hoping to recreate with nemesis!
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    Retro Sonic Flanger

    I have rs flanger 65 and i get really high pitch wail when i adjust the color knob also the rate knob doesnt do anything its been like this since i got it i dont use it much until now im using it anyone else have high pitch noise when adjusting knobs?
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    Pedals you can dime

    Analogman white dot high gain sunface, mjm london fuzz, xotic Ac boost
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    Klon Centaur, should I let it go??

    No dont sell it. I regret selling mine. No klone can do 100% what the klon does. No amount of hookers and blow will make up for it!
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    Sputnik III!

    Hey anyone know what is the optimal Battery for the sputnik iii? Normally on a fuzz i would use carbon comp batteries but im thinking the sputnik maybe too much for a carbon comp battery and an energizer or durcell may be in order? Thanks!
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    Sputnik III!

    placed order awaiting my first spaceman!
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    Foxrox CC Hybrid 2

    I have one on my captain coconut!
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    Need help configuring new Sunface

    I like the red dot nkt with battery off pot so i can run battery only but dont have to unplug i also have an led
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    What pedals are shockingly under-priced new/used in your opinion?

    Timmy pretty much has kicked my kot to the curb.
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    Modulation - What's currently on your board?

    Violet vibe. Infinity phase. Empress phaser. Tunnelworm, Belle epoch deluxe. Blues psychedelica.
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    Favourite noise toy?

    Either Trombetta Rotobone or Rastop Super divider.
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    Elevated Pedalboard?

    I have three boards, each uses two Stanley plastic saw horses to support it at waist height. Makes for easy tweaking of knobs no bending over or sitting on my knees then have my legs go to sleep on me! Makes for complicated wah and whammy use tho.
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    NPD: Violet Vibe (awesome vintage uni-vibe tone)

    Thanks i usually dont use a jack, i wont for fear of screwing things up but fwiw i have a moog exp pedal and trs cable.