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    Has anyone here tried the Graph Tech TUSQ Bridge pins?

    I bought a set for a Ibanez AVC9,all mahogany guitar wih a solid top only that is thermo aged and open pore.Comes with a bone nut and saddle.Best 399$ I have ever spent.The tusq killed the tone and I hate to use the word "mojo" for sure in my opinion.i put the stock pins back in and could tell...
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    Best Marshall in a Box Pedal

    It is very convincing,not sure about very versatile.
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    Klonz amp the worlds first new tube modeling amp, real amp sounds! no gimmicks

    Thats what the reviewer said in the video,hence the ''quotations''
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    Amps with fans?

    love fans ln amps
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    go ahead and laugh NAD Bugera 6262-212 :)

    2 months isnt a long time
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    Marshall dsl 40c 1x12 combo, do these suck?

    they were not missing,they make 2 holes for standard screws and 2 holes hollow with a special nut to screw into.If the nut is not their the screw will not stay in place.So when you unscrew those,the nut can easily fall down into the bottom of the amp.Poor owner control.....
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    Marshall dsl 40c 1x12 combo, do these suck?

    I think the classic channel is as good at gets with a good guitar.Speaker swap to a WGS Veteran 30 sure does help a LOT.Dont clip the c19 if you speaker swap.
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    Nice looking limited edition DSL40c

    a better speaker reduces some of the fizz
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    Mesa Mark V:25 - Gig Report

    I have never heard that about Marshalls.Probably Mesa owners.
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    pedal order question

    you mean with both on at the same time?
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    pedal order question

    hotdog>bun thats it.....
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    pedal order question

    the tuner is true bypass,so now what?
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    pedal order question

    this is the only way it will fit onto my pedal board:guitar,wah,tuner,bad monkey overdrive,astrotone fuzz,amp.any drawbacks you can see?thanks