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    Powered PA Tops for Bar Band

    I've already seen some posts recommending 10s and I would say you should take a look at that as well. for the crowd sizes you mentioned, 10s would be plenty, smaller, easier to handle and slightly less expensive. You said yourself, that for bigger shows you would hire a bigger rig. I"m using...
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    Do you keep your sound a secret or are you completely transparent?

    I've actually gone the extra mile and given people my SysEx files so they can upload them on their own system!
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    So what's the best upgraded mod you've ever done on one of your guitars?

    Well, my latest Strat has 2 mods and 1 of those mods I have done to all of my Strats (except for 2 Strats because I ran out of the hardware needed to make the mod)! The First Mod was a color change. From this: To this: Very happy with this! The Second Mod was to replace the standard...
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    My new "stupid" question of the month

    Usually, it only means something to a collector. So, if the guitar that there are 100 of, becomes collectable, then having the original/prototype MIGHT have a higher value than the rest of them. Otherwise, enjoy your guitar! Rock on, Steph
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    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    Well Doc, I'm not sure what to tell you. I'll be 60 in March. in 2019 (pre-pandemic) I did 130 shows (in addition to my day job). Last year was rough for getting gigs. this year, we have gigs booked out until November. Gear has gotten a lot lighter. People can get in your face whether you're...
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    Swiss Army Knife Guitar Types

    My Swiss Army Knife. Both volume pots are push/push for coil splitting and the single coil tones are great! It is MY Gold Top version of the Parallel Universe Uptown Strat (see below)...
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    Pre- Z Z Top

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    Culling the collection... how did you guys do it?

    I don't know how to sell guitars (which would explain why I have 52!), but hopefully this floorplan for your condo should help!
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    What that hell happened to Fender ?
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    My rig sounds really bad and I don’t know why.

    James, Maybe I'm missing something, but what are you using for a preamp? From your description, it looks like your pedal board is feeding into a power amp (Pro Block 200) without any preamp. The preamp is probably one of the most important pieces in your current signal chain and you don't seem...
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    What level player are you?

    I'm not sure which category for me... I have my full time job, but in 2019 I did over 130 shows! 2020 I did 30! Ready for this COVID crap to be over, but I'm sure it's still going to be a while...