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    Supporting Membership Guide

    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
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    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

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Recent content by stephenT

  1. stephenT

    Recording Interface for iPad or iPhone?

    Best entry level unit out there. check the reviews...
  2. stephenT

    What are some of your favorite small amps for recording?

    I own three Goodsell amps, they are my all time favorites for recording and everything else.
  3. stephenT

    Martin 00-15M incoming..

    Congrats! My 00-15m is a joy, hope you love yours as much.
  4. stephenT

    what is your first choice for a multi-fx device for your acoustic rig?

    there's no springs and I have no idea if the reverb chip is an analog chip, but to my ears it's an excellent reverb, has none of that digital noise as the effect fades
  5. stephenT

    what is your first choice for a multi-fx device for your acoustic rig?

    Fishman ToneDEQ preamp. Analog. Great reverb, also has delay, tremolo (and other modulation effects) and a boost. Love the sound, very convenient.
  6. stephenT

    Bob Dylan - Rough & Rowdy Ways

    Quite a few times, beginning to end. Great collection of songs, love the production,.. Jokerman kicking ass at 79.
  7. stephenT

    Tom Jones, where does he fall for you?

    Tom can do no wrong. Seven pages and no one posted this??
  8. stephenT

    Using soundhole pickups that aren't installed permanently for gigging

    I've used the DiMarzio Angel and thought it was a nice sounding pickup, for me it's in the top three I've used, Sunrise, the Angel and the Blackstack.
  9. stephenT

    Using soundhole pickups that aren't installed permanently for gigging

    I dangle. I'm a longtime Sunrise pickup user but last year moved over to Fishman Blackstack pickups which I prefer. Light weight, great sound, and smaller than the Sunrise. A big plus is I can install the Blackstack without slacking the strings. I can leave my favorite guitars w/o any pickups...
  10. stephenT

    Best Overall Guitarist - per non-guitarists?

    Might seem like an odd choice, but I've heard Bill Frisell play all those genre's, he'd be my answer.
  11. stephenT

    Chair for tracking and mixing?

    I've found i need a separate chair for tracking, the On Stage for playing acoustic guitar, also use it on some acoustic gigs,.. tho I had to take it to a welding shop to lower the foot rest ($10) and a "Boss Office Products Be Well Medical Spa Stool with Back" for mixing, etc. You can spend more...
  12. stephenT

    Who Here Likes Marty Robbins?

    My first two albums I owned, 11 years old,.. were Marty Robbin's "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" and The Ink Spots "Greatest Hits". Third was Ray's "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music". Still defines my interests today.
  13. stephenT

    Aargh, all my favorite guitarists have terrible singers (themselves)

    Sean and I were close friends. His mission never changed, singer, songwriter, guitar player. What the world needed never entered his mind, tho he would have enjoyed more CD sales.
  14. stephenT

    NAD: Goodsell Enhanced 5F2 - 2x8

    Ultimately wasn't the amp and speaker combo for me. Tho it really was a great sounding amp, the 2x8s where not versatile enough, 4x8s would have been better. so Richard and I did a trade, he owns the 5f2 and he built me an Enhanced 5f11 w/ tremolo w/ 2x5881s and 1x12.

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