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    Power cords/cables how important?

    I've found that feeding my amps clean power makes a bigger difference than any cord/cable. I never gig without my rig plugged into a Furman rack conditioner and regulator. Consistent sound from venue to venue.
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    Santana Rig In Denver tonight

    It was Princeton Boogies in 1972, up through February 1973. Then he got the Snakeskin amp for the Asia-Pacific tour around late spring-summer of 1973. Nothing but Twins before all of that.
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    Santana Rig In Denver tonight

    Tyrant Tone 4x12 and a PRS HDRX 2x12 cab. Carlos has been using the TT cabs for about 5 or 6 years, now. The HDRX cabs have been in play since April-ish. He's still using Dumbles, and the PRS cab is driven by the PRS HDRX amps. He doesn't play Mesas anymore.
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    How different are the Mark I, Mark I reissue, and Snake King (Santana Signature)?

    I've had the KS and have an original '77 HunRee MK I head. They couldn't be more different. Even though the KS purported to have voicing switches that replicated the sound of both the original production (non-snakeskin) Mark I's, and Carlos' snakeskin model, my feeling is the the KS did one of...
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    Altec 417 for the classic Santana tone?

    In the mid-70's, his rig was one 12" Altec with a Boogie, and another Boogie with a 6x10 cab loaded with 10" Altecs.
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    Altec 417 for the classic Santana tone?

    An Altec isn't going to give up the goods until you crank it to louder volumes than a lot of situations would reasonably allow. Seek out an old beat up JBL E120, and have Thom at Tone Tubby recone it for a few Benjamins. Carlos used those for years after giving up on the Altecs. I have a bunch...
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    What’s the best feeling, most effortless playing Electric you’ve ever played?

    2001 PRS Brazilian LTD Singlecut. That neck is like silk.
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    NAD: Welagen ODR

    Jelle built me a Bluesmaster voiced ODR last year, and it is absolutely amazing. Planning on ordering a matching cab soon, and would love to eventually go back to get a Skyline voiced ODR. What voicing did you choose?
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    What was your first tube amp

    I was 16 years old in 1999, and scored a 1977 Hun-Ree Mark I Boogie combo with an original EV 12L that used to tour with Three Dog Night on eBay for about $450. Other amps have come and gone, but my Mark I has always stayed. It's now in a bubinga and wicker head shell and sounds nice and worn...
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    Songs you love to noodle over.....

    Wise One - Coltrane
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    I said his orbit/attention, not his genius. As in: people on Wayne's level clearly appreciate what he brings to the table.
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    Sounds like you either haven't listened to Carlos Santana's catalog extensively, or his thing just doesn't work for you. But I can guarantee that millions of people around the planet can unequivocally validate the contrary, including music's heaviest hitters. You don't come extremely close to...
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    Would a complacent person spend 50 years touring the planet over and over consistently promoting new projects? I don’t think so. Even if he didn’t spend time between tours making the calculated decision to not earn a theoretical education in music literacy and playing sheets of sound all day, I...
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    In the 1978 Guitar Player interview, Carlos alludes to the fact that he deliberately shied away from becoming more fluent in chords and theory because he felt it would take away from the individual voice he found on guitar which lit the world on fire a few years before. I look at it this way: on...
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