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    Marshall Origin 50 combo vs DSL40 combo opinions

    In the same boat, trying to decide between the DSL40CR and Origin 50 head w/ 2 x 12. Hope we get some observations.
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    Pedal Board Power Supply

    Thanks for all this really helps. Haven't been on the page in years, nice to return.
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    What is your Favourite Modeling Amp?

    I have a Katana 2 x 12. Killed the GAS. Ok, it didn't kill it, but I don't "need" anything else.
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    Share your modeled tones!

    Just had to thank you for posting, really enjoyed your music this morning watching the sun come up.
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    List your gigging amps over the years

    I played from 78 to 95 or so full time with Lab Series L5s or Roland JC120s. I used a Peavey Renown at one time, one band. Since then, one off gigs with a Mesa DC5, a Marshall combo but can't remember the model, a Spitfire clone made by Mike Yankee. Played at church for a while with a mic'ed...
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    Who is Your Youtube Guitar Guru?

    Marshall Harrison and Darryl Gabbel.
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    So, what's the deal with the Katana?

    So, how long have you owned a Katana?
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    Favorite amp / cab purchase of 2017

    I bought a Boss Katana 2 x 12 100 watt. Today is the first day I've been on TGP in a year since I got it. Been playing. Best amp I've had, better than the Mesa or Marshalls or Twins or Labs Series or Hot Rod Deluxe or Roland JC120s or ..more...I had. Really. lol For me it just is. I won't...
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    Merle Haggard's Dumble

    Haven't read most of this but Hag played through two Bassmans a long time, and in his younger years, all he ever wanted to do really was play lead guitar in a working band, that was his goal before he got famous. He was a good guitar player, but of course the last couple of decades slipped...
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    (Any Genre or Era ) THE finest exponents of vocal harmonies you can think of ?

    I didn't go through all 6 pages, but it has probably been mentioned that Alison Krause and Union Station are just about angelic sounding.
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    I want (the WET) with two 2 x 12s in stereo. Just as soon as I recover from Christmas!! lol
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    ***NAD Wallace BKW45/100 (pics, sounds and vid included)***

    Same here, and Brian builds such fine amps!! Is there anything better than the 45/100 circuit? Nah.
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    What budget gear has blown you away?

    I had a beautiful Cort Matt Guitar Murphy signature electric for a while and it was a dang nice guitar. Wish I had kept it.
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    Flattering Rory Gallagher talk from Brian May

    In the late 70s I went to see Rory at the Texas Opry House, I was 17 or 18, for some reason I was by myself. Some older fellow, long hair sitting right in front of me turned around and stared at me for a while with a smile on his face and he asked me if I had ever seen Rory. When I told him I...