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Recent content by stratfanatic

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    Just got my TIM in the mail...

    Ordered one yesterday and Paul said it should be around December some time. Nice guy, btw.
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    What's been your best amp purchase for 2010???

    ditto. Used a 73 for a long time and I would agree with the el34's
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    I read all the Marshall Class 5 threads and....

    Anyone know if MF has started shipping them with the rattle fixes?
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    Amp Tech in Dallas/Fort Worth area

    Anyone have a recommendation for an amp tech in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I have an older Marshall amp that has been in storage and would like to have it checked out before I power in on.
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    Amp from storage

    I'm looking for some advice/tips on powering up a amp that has been in storage for about 25 years. The head is 1973 50w marshall and the cabinet is a 4x12 from the late seventies. Both have been stored in road cases but only the head in a climate controlled environment. Thanks in advance.
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    speaker repair in the Dallas area

    I used them for several years and never had a problem. I agree, they have been around for ever.
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    Sonny Landreth's thumbpick

    I can't tell for sure from the video but I do remember reading somewhere that he uses a herco thumbpick
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    Rebel 20 vs. Rebel 30

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    Rebel 20 vs. Rebel 30

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    Rebel 20 vs. Rebel 30

    I looked around in the other threads and didn't see this, but if I overlooked it, sorry. I was just about ready to buy the Rebel 20 with the cabinet when I noticed that the Rebel 30 will be out in a couple of months. From what I can tell the 30 is only going to be around $50 more than the 20...
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    What kind of gear did you have when you were 23?

    2 50W Marshalls with 4X12 cabs, Les Paul standard, Les Paul Junior, SG, Strat.
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    blues shuffle

    Beautiful tone and phrasing! Thank you for posting that. I really enjoyed it. What amp and effects were you using?