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    Best first Tele under $500?

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    Curing the 3 inherent design flaws of a Tele

    Completely agree. The OP is basically trollin' with the way he has phrased things. I believe the original standard Tele configuration is perfect, but that's just my opinion and would be stated as such.
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    Low-slung guitars -- does anyone really find it comfortable?

    Mine is about where the belt buckle scratches up the the back of the guitar right around the middle of the body.
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    Pink Guitar:Yay or Nay

    I voted yes.
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    Is 7.44lbs heavy for a custom shop tele?

    7.5 lbs is totally doable on a Tele. Wouldn't worry me a bit.
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    Tele neck-pup Question:

    I love the the tone of a good Tele neck pu. Very different than anything I can get on my Strat. For a bit of change I also got a tele with a p90 in the neck. Now that's a lot of fun.
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    Show Off Your Paint

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    FB Radius 9.5" vs. 12"

    For me, yes surprisingly. I typically like 7.25 on Fenders. I have a Classic Player 60's strat and a HWY 1 texas tele, both with 12" rad and both play great. Loved the feel on the necks and was surprised to find out after buying they were 12".
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    Setup for slide question

    Unless your action is super low, you should be able to play slide on necks with any radius and any string gauge. As stated previously, just adjust your touch accordingly. And as suggested, wine bottle necks are perfect and pretty easy to make.
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    how much would WILDWOOD guitars deal with you on new guitars?

    Some people know how to negotiate and some people don't. More importantly, some people know when to negotiate and some people don't. Trying to bleed a seller will get you nowhere and probably lose the sale. Most seller's will walk rather than lose money on a sale. On the other hand asking a...
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    "I wish Fender" thread

    I wish Fender read the Blackguard book and then offered an exact reproduction of a truly original early '50's Blackguard Tele and Esquire. Not like the AV stuff they have now. I'm talking a literal, exact (or as close as possible) repro of the very first guitars made by Fender.