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    Are newer PRS guitars the best they've ever made? What's your take?

    Anyone have any input on this?
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    Are newer PRS guitars the best they've ever made? What's your take?

    I don't mean to get off track but does anybody know why they don't make many (any?) 24 fret models with a hardtail bridge?
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    Fretboard shrinking

    Get them dressed and don't worry about it. If your home is super dry you may want to look into keeping a guitar room humidified, especially if you have solid wood acoustics. For most electrics it is not that big of a deal unless it's extreme humidity conditions either way.
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    Most desirable guitar made in 1962?

    I guess it depends on what is desirable to you personally.
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    Phish's Trey Anastasio upped his tone game?

    I think Trey's tone as of late is very nice overall but I do feel like he gave up a little in the way of clarity vs his previous setup.
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    Ever laugh out loud at a pawn shop clerk?

    I've gotten some good deals at pawn shops but no screaming deals that I can remember. I bought a vintage Harmony Sovereign for $100, pretty good deal. Usually they want $250 for beat up knockoff strats that cost $149 new. I bet it was fun in the pre internet days. I have made some good yard...
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    U.S. Rock Scene Has Never Recovered From Rise Of Early '90s Grunge

    So would you say the glam/hair metal that dominated rock just before grunge was the "real rock"? The golden age of rock and roll was in sharp decline by the time grunge hit. Rock never recovered from the rise of MTV IMO.
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    Any good pickup suggestions for a D28?

    JJB is another option, they are very similar to K&K.
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    $50 Musicians code for $25

    Anybody getting this? "Our system doesn't recognize the coupon code you entered."
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    Would you buy a replica?

    Probably not, the replica will most likely not hold its value and it certainly isn't worth 10k to me functionally. If I were going to spend that kind of money it would be on something original like a lanquedoc or more likely a vintage guitar.
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    PRS SE... Yay or Nay?

    They are nice guitars for the money, get one used and save a couple hundred.
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    Music Man Albert Lee HH w/trem &coil tap

    Congrats, those are sweet!
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    De-glossing Black Hardware

    scotch brite pads
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    Anybody else need a little fret rattle?

    If its because you are really digging in and not because of a bad setup then no I don't usually mind.
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