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Recent content by Sunstone Recordings

  1. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Manlay Super Bender (mkii Tonebender)

    Selling my Manlay Super-Bender. Great mkii style tone bender fuzz. Internal bias takes it from fat and nasty to tight and zippery. Has velcro for easy pedalboard mounting. All imperfections pictured. Comes with original Box & Papers. No trades at this time, thanks. SOLD
  2. Sunstone Recordings

    DMC-3 XL Gen 3!

    Just got my DMC3XL and have it hooked up with my Timeline and BigSky. Really cool controller. One issue I'm running into is that when the controller Clock is set to Global, Preset, or BPM modes, both the Roller and Expression Pedal are sending tempo info to the Timeline every time I adjust...
  3. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold EHX Small Stone v4

    Selling my EHX Small Stone (v4). Solid condition. Comes with velcro on the bottom for easy pedalboard mounting and a power cable (not adapter) for units like Zuma/PP2+. No mods to this unit, all original. More pics on my Reverb.com store. $old shipped/paypal'd.
  4. Sunstone Recordings

    NGD ruined by my stupidity

    now you have a story for it. I still remember the first ding on my first guitar... dropped my phone on it while playing during a call with a friend. Still there. Good memory now even though I was bummed at the time.
  5. Sunstone Recordings

    Dropbox for Timeline Presets: Strymon Librarian

    if this is still running, can I have an invite? ryaneverlove@gmail.com
  6. Sunstone Recordings

    Does anyone really buy gear on Reverb!?

    I buy more from Reverb than anywhere else. I also have more success selling on Reverb than anywhere else. edit: I think the real question is "does anyone really buy gear on TGP Emporium?". Out of 8 pedals up for sale this past month, 6 sold on reverb very quickly. 2 sold here, slowly.
  7. Sunstone Recordings

    Reverb buyer spamming lowball offers?

    It's an option when you buy the shipping label via Reverb. Signature confirmation and Seller Protection insurance. I believe that's what they were talking about.
  8. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Vintage Boss MIJ DD-2 (1985)

    Selling a few pedals. All prices are shipped/paypal'd to the US (lower 48). Will ship internationally through Reverb.com. More detailed pics on my Reverb.com store. No trades at this time, thanks. Boss MIJ DD-2, SN#556400. $115 shipped/paypal'd. Functions beautifully. Slight scuff on mode knob...
  9. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Strymon DECO

    Selling my Strymon DECO, excellent condition w/original packaging, papers, and power supply. Includes velcro for easy pedalboard access and Grolsch style red rubber washers beneath the SATURATION and LAG TIME knobs to slow the action. More pics on my Reverb.com store. $SOLD Shipped / Paypal'd
  10. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Audix OM7 Mic

    Excellent condition, hypercardioid mic. Comes with gig bag. Great for live vox. Has a little residue from electrical tape on the shaft, easily removed. More pics available on my Reverb.com store. NO TRADES, thank you. $OLD paypal'd/shipped (lower 48 only).
  11. Sunstone Recordings

    Getting tired of ridiculous low ball offers on Reverb.

    I've been getting them too. I've found some of them just like the negotiation process and end up buying much closer to my asking price. Other times, I just get to say "No", which is fun.
  12. Sunstone Recordings

    Is there a Tonebenderish fuzz with very good cleanup?

    +1 on the Manlay Super Bender. Cleans up very well depending on 1) the bias trim and 2) the level of attack
  13. Sunstone Recordings

    Can a Uni-Vibe replace a chorus/vibrato pedal?

    It's a Unique-Vibe (Finally!). I currently use a JHS Empress for my chorus/vibrato needs, but wanted to know if it could be subbed for the vibe. I know the vibe is a different beast, but I haven't been able to find clips of a uni-vibe style pedal at low intensity. I'll just wait it out and play...
  14. Sunstone Recordings

    Can a Uni-Vibe replace a chorus/vibrato pedal?

    I have a vibe on the way and I'm wondering if at low intensity it could replace a chorus/vibrato pedal for basic applications. I can't find many/any vids of vibes with lower intensities. Anybody have some input/clips?
  15. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Skreddy Lunar Module Mini - $OLD

    No trades at this time, shipping to lower 48. Skreddy Lunar Module Mini - $SOLD PP'd/USPS Priority. Exc. condition, all original papers and box included. Velcro on bottom.