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    Hotone Omni IR

    I jumped on this and got an early promo pedal from the distributor. I wanted something more user-friendly than the Zoom MS-50G (which has a few amp and cab sims in addition to all the effects, but is a pain to adjust on the fly). Tried the Omni IR out briefly yesterday, and I noticed a few...
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    Tape echo vs bucket brigade delay

    There are a bunch of good digital tape echo-sim pedals. My favourite after trying a bunch remains the Pigtronix Echolution 2. If you are considering the Flashback (which has a kind of plain vanilla tape echo) a better option IMO would be TC's Alter Ego version, which models old tape echos. By...
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    Source Audio C4 Modular Synth Pedal

    Question - how would the C4 be for other instruments, such as bass guitar, or miked wind instruments? Have you done any testing?
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    Pedalboard > Mixer > active PA speaker

    I want to have a small setup for going direct. I am considering something like the Carl Martin Rock Bug, or Tech 21 Sansamp. Not looking to spend a lot on dedicated cab sim pedals. (*) I am wondering if an EQ pedal into a DI box at the end of my pedal chain would be able to do the same job as...
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    Any cheap ring modulators?

    Musically useable ring mod sounds? That's kind of a tall order regardless of equipment. I have the Moog MF Ring and the Zoom MS50G, and while I would prefer the Moog because it has a more pleasing analog tone, compared to the Zoom which is harsher/digital sounding, I think the degree of musical...
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    Hotone Binary Mod stereo multi-mod pedal

    Got it (finally) today. First impressions: Phasers, choruses and trem models sound great out of the box. Vibes and flangers seem to need a little tweaking. Filters did not impress me. LoFi and ring mod seemed useless. I find it much more user friendly than the Zoom MS-50G, and I seem to be able...
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    Hotone Binary Mod stereo multi-mod pedal

    Ljudet - the Binary Mod has stereo in (Y-cable, like the "small" Strymon pedals). Expression pedal and separate tap/preset switch seems like a huge improvement over the Zoom pedal. I don't think it supports chaining effects, but it does have a PC/Mac editor that might let you tailor unique...
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    Hotone Binary Mod stereo multi-mod pedal

    I am curious about this pedal, ticks a lot of boxes for me and looks a little bit more user-friendly than the ZOOM MS-50G which fills the modulation slot on my pedalboard today. This (official) demo is not too convincing, but I am considering to take the plunge and order one anyway. The...
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    Interesting jazz prog French band : Six Ring Circus

    Not bad, I'll try to get hold of their album when it's released.
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    Zoom MS-50G Plate Reverbs (only) vs. Catalinbread Talisman

    I had the Talisman and I regret selling it. Best plate reverb in any pedal I’ve tried. The plate reverbs in the Zoom are not as inspiring, if you ask me. Still, I kept the Zoom because it can do a lot of things (including reverbs) well.
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    Give Me ONE Fusion Album Recommendation

    Weidorje was an offshot from Christian Vander's Magma orchestra, they only relased 1 album as I know of, and I guess you could call it fusion of some kind.
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    Give Me ONE Fusion Album Recommendation

    Gilgamesh is a great UK fusion/Canterbury band:
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    What's a good steel string acoustic in the $1000-1500 range these days?

    Still looking, found this one: What is a fair used price for this ($999 new, seller seems willing to negotiate)?
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    I bet seeing this makes some of you absolutely crazy! :-)

    Doesn't upset me, to me a pedal is a tool & not a fashion accessory. I'd rather have a board like that, than the typical TGP cliché board with triple Strymons, dual H9's, barefoot buttons, Altoids tin and an additional switcher at the front row. Everything polished free of dust and lint on a...
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    Give Me ONE Fusion Album Recommendation

    This is great! Thanks for posting, I’ve heard of Yellowjackets but never got around to check them out before. Ultra-tight playing!