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  1. T-bone

    Oh Guitar Center you make me sad.

    Why not try out the Cab and LP. That way you could hear if it sounds good to you? Who cares what PU Gibson put in the guitar? Does it sound good?
  2. T-bone

    If your getting BAD cust service........

    Correction: Pending is what Pay Pal has labeled it--ie no money If they would communicate with me I wouldn't be writing this day 3 no money! it's been 20 days since I ordered the pedal/box-they have had returned box for 7 business days 3 emails to then yesterday-no response Relax?
  3. T-bone

    If your getting BAD cust service........

    Here's the run down -Ordered Pedal-(in stock) 2 day shipping -5 days later no contact no pedal--I email WTF-I get a USPS email....label was created........still no response email -same day I try to cancel order but it already shipped -2 days later pedal arrives--don't like it-it's going...
  4. T-bone

    If your getting BAD cust service........

    ....when is it ok to call the company out publicly
  5. T-bone

    Koll Tornado

  6. T-bone

    Chandler Stereo Echo

    will relist with package offer
  7. T-bone

    Chandler Stereo Echo

    250 shipped
  8. T-bone

    Chandler Stereo Echo

    For sale-1 Chandler Stereo Echo Rack rash on the top but otherwise clean. 100% working cond $300 shipped
  9. T-bone

    Koll Tornado

    Solid Korina Neck & Body Rosewoodboard 12-14 radius 24.625” Nut 1 11/16 Med Jumbo Frets Locking Tuners Hipshot Contour vibrato Electroflux in the bridge and HD Z90 in the neck.
  10. T-bone

    Koll Tornado

    More info later today. Just chumin' the water:D Thinking $2000 shipped
  11. T-bone

    Post the album you have been playing non stop lately

    Galactica- From The Corner to the Block Fiona Apple- When the Pawn......
  12. T-bone

    Saul Koll Guitar 2012 Year in Review

    Amazing work Saul! I'm still rocking the Uke. I'll be in touch, got a crazy idea :-)
  13. T-bone

    Kemper: Major Props to Ampfactory

    big thumbs up for ampfactory. First time a digital piece of gear made grin from ear to ear.
  14. T-bone

    Kemper ?

    Just got done a weeks worth of research on the Kemper an I'm sold!!!!! Anyone have info on a lite version without the profile feature? The fact that I don't have access to numerous great sounding amps makes this feature less important to me than the presets and the online tone bank.