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    What amp sounds like the current Vox Ac10?

    An Ac-10 and a Rat pedal is a great combination
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    Pro mark discontinued my stick

    it looks like ProMark has discontinued the stick I’ve used for years, the 707n. It’s a stick on the slim side with a round nylon tip. It really digs in on my ride bell. I bought the few remaining pairs on Reverb, but USPS lost them. The closest I’ve found is the 747 but I really liked the 707
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    Mikenbacker (Rickenbacker) electric mandolin

    That’s really cool!
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    MEMORY LANE: Where were you when you first heard EVH's Eruption ? (and what did you think)

    This is embarrasing - I heard Eruption/You really Got me on the radio and I thought "Boy, Dave Davies has gotten really good on guitar".
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    ES-335 Played them, never bought one, LOVE them, question

    I found a Fat Neck model from 2008. Great guitar
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    NGD: Am Std Tele

    I saw that Tele for sale last week and was really tempted! Looks like a great one
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    St. Vincent - Fuzz Pedal F...ery!

    Annie Clark meets a typical TGP'er
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    Music Man RD 110 50 Amp

    I have one with the EV speaker. I do recall some boutique builder used to do mods on these but I cant remember the details. ANyway with the clean channel it is a great pedal amp and any tubescreamer type pedal sounds great with it. I use a Barber Direct Drive and it sounds pretty good with it
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    Post a cool Beatles fact we may now know

    The locals all thought George must have been poor, because of his “shaggy” hair. He couldn’t afford a hair cut
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    Marquee Moon was released 45 years ago this week. Let’s talk about MM some more

    the band I'm in always opens with See No Evil.
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    Show your age: First time you heard a synthesizer

    Not the first, but most certainly the best!
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    Lets see your blondes

    82 Es-335
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    Lets see your blondes

    98 Sj-200
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    New Midnight Oil album (and likely their last)....Resist

    I saw them at bar gig in the late 90's when only 200 people showed up. I think the original date was cancelled and this was a make-up date that was not promoted. It was incredible. I thought the band would be pissed to play for so few people but the opposite seemed true. As good as their...
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    Mike Campbell gives away the playbook

    What a team Mike and Tom were together. I remember what Tom said to Mike when he first met him, "you're going to be in my band forever"
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