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    Black Crowes back on tour

    Jackie is awesome... Smoking guitar player, singer and keyboard player... Check him out trading solos with Audley in Trigger Hippy with Gorman on drums. Jackies solo starts around 5:38 around 6:20 Audley is laughing at how good he is. I've seen him solo and with...
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    Anyone have any idea what Doyle bramhall II is up to?

    Yeah looks like Pete just sat in on a's Trigger Hippy jamin on Isis I dig Jackie Green too... Lots of youtube action from their opening gig.
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    Anyone plan on catching the Chris Robinson Brotherhood tour?

    I happened to be in southern California last week and caught Chris in Santa Barbara at SoHo... Great show in a very small club. It was a very long set. Chris is playing his Vox guitars with his Super Reverb. S E T L I S T * - Set One - Little Lizzie Mae New Minglewood Blues Tulsa...
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    I dig the new album the love the new take on the old songs. It just reflects where they've been lately compared to when they started out. A continuation of the more mellow country blues side of before the frost until the freeze.
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    victoria 5112 vs the 20112: big tonal differences?

    You're most welcome and thanks for the inside info from Mark on the speaker selection. That explains a lot.
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    What amp started it all for you?

    It was a Holland Bassman (Gibb Droll) in 2001, loved it, amazing tweed tone but it was too loud. Took it back and traded up for a Bad Cat Cub 15 2 x 10. Wish I still had it.
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    victoria 5112 vs the 20112: big tonal differences?

    I've run Brimar, RCA and GE 6v6's. The Brimar's were my fav for a long time but the GE's that came with the amp are sweet. I run a 12AY7 in V1. The JAN GE 6072A was always my fav but here again, this 20112 came with a Sylvania 12ay7 in V1 and it sounds great. Also tried some NOS GE 5AR4/GZ34's...
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    victoria 5112 vs the 20112: big tonal differences?

    Yes less mush but also more bass and umph in general. A gigable amp (20112) vs one that is not (5112). Love the smaller amp for recording but the 20112 is an all time favorite. some tips on the inevitable buzzing at loud volumes... Also if you can get one with the Eminence speaker do it...
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    Fulltone PlimSoul Announced

    I wonder what Beck used for Rock My Plimsoul? Sounds like a rolled off fuzz.
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    victoria 5112 vs the 20112: big tonal differences?

    The 20112 also has more bottom end.
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    Luther Dickinson Guitar Question - Black Crowes

    The more I hear and see Luther the more I like him.. Just a killer slide player.
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    Amps for UNDER$2000?

    How about an amp that Rich and Luther used? PM me...
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    1961 Blonde Fender Tremolux

    Nice score!
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    Audley Freed vs. Marc Ford

    Stop the madness! Love Marc Ford but truth is I'm realling digging Luther too. I also like Audley. I think Rich stands out more with Luther playing...
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    The first sign of spring: Allmans in NYC!

    I saw Neil Young at the's a great theater. I've got tix for the 20th! Row 5 orchestra!!!!!!