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Recent content by tammuz7000

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    Which Gibson SG?

    I was just playing a friends Sg and it felt great and sounded great. It was had a matt finish and the large pick guard. i want one as well but after playing it the neck felt really long compared to my strat. When I thought I was at the 9th fret I was at the 7th. Not so sure why or if I could get...
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    Advice on 24 Fret Trem Guitar with Mojo!

    Would a 24 fret and a 22 fret feel the same with the length of neck? I just played a friends Sg and the neck felt really long Compared to my strat. i didnt have them side by side but played a 24 fret Prs and it didn’t feel long. am I missing something? this pic looks like the Prs 22 and 24...
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    Gibson SG Humbuckers Poll

    Does anyone have the Chicago music exchange sg with their pickups to comment on?
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    New Gibson SG Standard CME Edition Oxblood

    Is there any grain showing g thru or is o blood very solid.
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    PRS CE 24 Semi Hollowbody

    I just played a ce24 semi in a store and really liked it. Sounded great and played great.it had a lot of snap. For those of you with an Sg and ce24, which do you prefer. I also want to try a 61 Sg reissue. I been playing strats . i guess these are completely different guitars but thought the...
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    Prs studio

    I went into a store looking play the se hollowbody 2 and it was very nice. Also played a s2 594 single and double cut 594 both were nice. I then played a ce24 semi and it was a bit nicer. Then I played the new studio to see how a core played and it was very nice. So basically like them all. i...
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    Prs studio

    I played a new Prs studio and it sounded awesome. It is a bit pricey at 4K. Would an older one be the same or is the new one a revamp of it. Anyone have a new one or an older one and can comment on them.
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    Prs Se hollowbody 2 piezo or no piezo

    I played a Prs se hollowbody 2 and really liked it. There are none around for awhile with the piezo. Wondering how useful would the piezo be. Looks like a nice add on but for those that have them, is it a must have. it sound good in the clips but how often do you use it and is it worth waiting for.
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    Prs s2 594 vs s2 594 thin

    Does anyone have one of these or played them and can comment on them if they like them. Not exactly sure in the tone what the difference is.
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    Boss BF-2 flanger vs Chorus

    Anyone like or have the mxr analog chorus. Seems like a great price for it..
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    Boss BF-2 flanger vs Chorus

    I been using a Boss BF-2 flanger for years to get a chorus sound as well as a few songs with flange. Would a chorus sound much better? I never had one and recently added a Mxr phase 95 and the sound is really lush. I’m wondering is a chorus would add a lusher sound or is the flange with regen...
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    SG 61 reissue or Prs s2 594

    Thanks very much. I used to have an 70s Sg and want a 2 hb guitar. I’m looking at the Chicago music exchange Sg and the 61 reissue. Did you look at that one? Cme told me it was 61 specs with their take on pickups. I would like a 594 as well or dgt but I think the Sg might be as good for now ans...
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    BOSS GT-1000CORE - "GT-1000 stomp" from Boss

    Can you run this in the front of your amp without having to have in the amp loop? I have a pod go and don’t have the need for amp and my Vox ac10 does not have a loop.
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    SG 61 reissue or Prs s2 594

    Any owners of the 61 SG want to comment on them? How is the neck? is it this or thick. How does it sound. how is the the quality. And how does it feel playing. Was thinking about getting one or PRS s2 594. any advice thanks
  15. T

    Helix HX Effects saves serious money

    I have an m9 and still find it useful.