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    Musical retreats?....

    So I just looked into the G3/G4 event for August of 2014. This looks like it could be really cool. But am I just thinking like a teenager? Which I haven't been for quite some time. Seriously, if that's your musical persuasion, could you have fun at the age of 41 at an event like this. The...
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    Need help with an EL34 Shiva NR problem

    i know - its not the reverb model, definitely 7th pre tube, marked v11, and it glows.... now just maybe the circuit is complete with no reverb "module" in place, hence the glowing, i would've expected to see a blank in that place instead of an actual socket. i'll snap a pic in a bit you...
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    Ever bought an amp you've never played?

    all the time - Voodoo, Fuchs, Budda, VHT, Marshall, Bogner - in that order. ...i was always a straight fender guy then got the itch. Fuchs was the only i was not happy with.
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    Need help with an EL34 Shiva NR problem

    weird scenario - I've had this amp for a couple years without issue then all of a sudden weird things start happening... Gig 3 weeks ago - no issue. No Practice that week - head sat the house for a week not used...:nono Gig 2 weeks ago - I plug in and i get nothing (running through...
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    Cot50 coupons

    Ok - starting to worry. I started this thread and still don't have mine. Has everyone gotten theirs?
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    Cot50 coupons

    That's what I'm hoping for.
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    Name the Pedals that you've Bought more than Once.

    Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe. And I'll probably do it again.
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    What's been your best amp purchase for 2010???

    Vht sig x. Amazing.
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    Cot50 coupons

    How bout it!
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    Cot50 coupons

    Anyone else lucky enough to grab one at that f#%£ing awesome price. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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    Boutique EQ?

    Is anyone making a boutique/handmade EQ? Not sure if I really want one, but I'm curious.
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    Fulltone 69 Pedal

    I had one before my plexi. Wish I had it now. I love my fender but this pedal needs to crush the front end of an already overdriven amp to get the sound you want. Into a super clean fendery chime will make it sound weak and thin IMO.
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