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    Do you like relics?

    Bingo! I ended up with a relic;)
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    Ivy league V front?

    A friend of mine has one. Impossible to get a bad sound with this amp.
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    Show your Telecaster!

    Fender CS 58 Heavy Relic LTD
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    Once set, do you ever mess with your amp's EQ?

    My amp (Matchless Spitfire) has tone, volume and master only so it's usually "set and forget".
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    NGD: Hondo II Les Paul Custom

    Does it have a bolt-on neck? If so, the pickups are single coils with a humbucker cover.
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    15 watt club !!

    Fender ProJr & Matchless Spitfire here. All the volume I need.
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    Anyone here use a Hipshot B-Bender?

    Depends on the guitar. I had a Hipshot on my Asat Special and there was no need to use the extra screw. On my Tele however I had to use the extra screw.
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    NAMM 2013 Rumors?

    Guild has some 'new' stuff: http://www.lamusic.ca/SearchResults.asp?Search=guild+electric
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    For all you Tyler haters - NGD

    Great looking guitar. Enjoy it!
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    List all of your current amps...

    Fender ProJr Ceriatone 18watt head + THD 2x12 cab Matchless Spitfire 1x12
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    Best medium to high gain pedal for a Vox Ac15

    Hotcake Try both Timmy -> Hotcake and Hotcake -> Timmy.
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    My top 5 Guitar Players (In no particular order)...And Yours?

    - Marc Ribot - Jim Campilongo - Paco de Lucia - Django Reinhardt - Johnny Marr
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    Peter Florance Guitars

    Great looking guitar. Is it a solid body?
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    80's Fender Bullet

    Yep, it's an MIA. I have one too. Rumours are that necks on these guitars are NOS 69 Tele necks.
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    Some tracks recorded during our weekly jam-session

    We recorded some new tracks during our weekly jam-session. These sessions are at the singer's house so....yes...the drums are electronic :-) These are one-take live recordings but the tracks were remixed. http://snd.sc/MJjWjP http://snd.sc/MJkcPA http://snd.sc/N4mQQO