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    Attention Houstonians! Stolen Gear

    A good friend of mine just had his guitar and amp stolen in Houston. He plays guitar with Zane williams. He's a great guy and literally saved up months for these things and just got them. It's a Seafoam Green Nash tele And a tan Matchless Lightning The Nash guitar will have a serial number...
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    Keedy Amplification

    Hey Morgan. I've been borrowing a Relativity from my bud Chadwick here in Ft Worth. He just recently bought it. I have been gassing ever since. I am blown away by how great it sounds. Currently at the top of my list!
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    Keedy Amplification

    I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd chime in and revive it. I have been using a friends Relativity Reverb (Princeton) 110 combo. And i am completely blown away by the tone. Im a pro player, usually using big amps on big stages and started doing a gig that required lower volume than i...
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    Rockett Pedals- Which do you own?

    I have an Animal, Blue Note, Lemon Aid, and a very special Chicken Soup.
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    Fender Dual Professional - comparable to what?

    Incredible amp and from what i understand is closer related to a blonde bassman circuit. If memory serves me correct from conversations I had with Bruce Zinky years back.
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    Tubing my Matchless DC30

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    Matchless DC-30 Right For Me?

    I'm in the opposite boat from you I have an HC30 and have always wanted to try an Underground 30. The C30 is an amazing amplifier. It can be very raw and aggressive but with the right cab it can be very refined and sweet. It sounds really pretty and sweet with my Divided by13 cab with a blue and...
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    Firebird pick-up with a Tele

    I have 2 friends with that setup and I can tell you that it rocks! Especially with an ash body maple neck tele. Very clear and sparkly. Not overpowering and muddy like some humbuckers in teles.
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    65 Amps London vs Divided by 13 RSA 31

    I have owned the Marquee and the RSA31. Kept the 31 mainly on the way it interacted with pedals. No experience with the London. The Rsa31 will cover AC30 and AC15 sounds. Freds click channels are a modified AC15 circuit and when paired with the RSA31's el84's it's like a very nice AC15 in half...
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    Bruce Springsteen Halftime Show (MERGED)

    I enjoyed it. My favorite since Tom Petty. He must be doing yoga. Did you see the back bend in the beginning.
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    What to use for a solo boost?

    Another vote for the RC Booster the Tim, Zvex SHO, or the boost side of a box of rock but my all time favorite way of boosting a solo or part is the lift on the Divided by 13 Switchazel. I think he makes it as a pedal too without the A/B function.
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