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    Looking for a "fun" pedal to get lots of creative sounds from...what's yours?

    Octapussy. Lots of fun and strange sounds happen when this pedal is on. And with a good delay, it’s weird fest.
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    Saw Billie Eilish last night

    The more I listen to her album, the more I admire it. It's really deep. Complex and simple. If you remove the bass, you can hear so many details happening. She made a great job with her bro and a very limited gear, but tons of talent. I don't care about seeing her on stage, though. Or maybe...
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    I have an iPad with the free version of Garageband. Where do I start?

    I'd say : forget the interface for now. Start by learning the app. It's a box of tricks which is waaay more powerful and complex that it seems. I really dig the Music Memos app, which is pretty well implemented in GB for iOS : start a rough idea on Memos, turn on the automatic drums & bass...
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    Positive Grid Spark Oh Yeah.

    True, nothing clear about the app : is it a lifetime service or a subscription plan ?
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    Matchless SC-30 for home use

    The only thing that rattles with my Matchless is... the room itself. Joke aside, I’d be sorry to see this thread derailing by off-topic comments. Playing on a Matchless or a Boss Katana is not the same experience at all, and though I sincerely think Matchless amps are not for bedroom players 1...
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    Sold 2018 Ronin Mirari - UK/EU sale

    So is it sold ?
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    Matchless SC-30 for home use

    Though I share your opinion regarding volume, it’s a fact that a good loud amp sound better that a little one, especially with crunch sounds, because it adds the bass that lacks in tiny amps which can sound harsh. You just can’t get certain sounds at low volume, and I don’t speak of high gain...
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    Matchless SC-30 for home use

    Well, in fact loudness is part of the Matchless magic. When you disable the master, the windows and everything else in the room start to shake. Then you get the most crazy clean sound of the galaxy. Add the right pedal or preamp and you have better high gain sound than any amp on earth. But it...
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    Matchless SC-30 for home use

    Maybe smaller Matchless ? Or just a head with an OX ? I have 6V6 Bruno head which is way better to play at moderate volume, but it won’t do the Matchless thing. Nothing compares to the dynamic of a Matchless and the build quality is unrivalled.
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    Matchless SC-30 for home use

    I have a King Cobra 2x12 combo (basically a DC30 with EL34). It’s a brutal amp and it can be dangerous for your ears, even with the master on. I played it for years in a large bedroom, feeling too much sound pressure to play for hours. I recently put it in my living room and it’s better now...
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    Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE owners thread: Experience, biases, amps, tones, settings, stacking etc.

    I haven’t decided yet if my amp (Matchless King Cobra) really needs the Revival. The pedal covers the same territory than the amp. I’m sure the RD is great with Fender-style amps. So I’ll wait a while before deciding to keep it or not.
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    Govan & Sheehan - Cause We've Ended as Lovers

    Maybe GG just forgot that half part of the music is... silence. That’s why I really dig Jeff Beck who lets you breath an imagine what’s not played.