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    What is a Hipster ?

    Except the term hipster goes back to the 40s.
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    My friends and I occasionally yell NORTH SIDE KINGS, UNDEFEATED at one another. Anyways, as good as he is (or used to be) at making music Danzig isn't really a cool guy. He's kind of a prima donna asshole who thinks WAY too highly of himself.
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    IKEA Furniture or Death Metal Band?

    It's getting into airline food joke territory at this point.
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    IKEA Furniture or Death Metal Band?

    Well, historically, black metal was in large part a reaction to/against death metal so it's almost like saying thrash and glam metal are basically the same thing because they can both be termed metal and have some common musical influences. I get the point, trust me. I just think the point is...
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    IKEA Furniture or Death Metal Band?

    Most of the bands there are black metal which is pretty different from death metal. But, I know while TGP is generally willing to have deep, philosophical discussions about the various permutations of blooze they think the exact same sort of attitude in metal is childish or stupid.
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    Any bands like Killswitch Engage but with no screaming?

    At some point I think you either get used to it or accept that there aren't really any bands making music like that with "normal" vocals.
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    That Metal Show, weigh in

    It's such an odd show because all of the hosts seem to have some sort of agreement that metal stopped existing sometime in the mid 90s.
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    It sounds like a woman's voice at a lower pitch. That's the only thing that bugs me about slowed down versions of songs, the vocals never really sound natural. Otherwise they're really interesting and cool.
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    I always love the confused look Buzz has on his face in pictures.
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    Black metal : the new catch-all thread

    Prior to their most recent album they were definitely more of a Neurosis/Isis and black metal hybrid. On the newest one though they went more industrial which was very welcome. I honestly have a tough time listening to post metal sometimes because it all just sounds like variations on Neurosis...
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    Black metal : the new catch-all thread

    That's the maximum sentence in Norway. Their prison system actually works really, really well but there are problems with it when it comes to people like Breivik.
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    Black metal : the new catch-all thread

    I listened to this album for the first time in awhile today and remembered how awesome it is. q9GbffF6GuQ