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    What have you replaced your PRS S2 58/15 S pickups with?

    I had a core 594 that I didn’t bond with, but I liked the coil-tapping in that guitar as it didn’t lose much level when in single-coil mode. If PRS sold the core 594 pickups with harness as an accessory I’d update my S2 594 thinline in a heartbeat.
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    Sold Tone King Royalist/Regency 1x12 Cab Empty

    I'll take it off your hands for $300 but you'd need to ship it, I'm afraid. I'll cover shipping costs to Canada.
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    Kingtone Heavy Hand

    I had the Duellist but replaced it with separate Heavy Hand & Soloist pedals. The ‘fat’ control on both pedals is the s**t, and the non-compressed ‘open’ setting on the Heavy Hand is truly remarkable IMHO and my go-to.
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    PRS S2 upgrades

    My S2 is a 594 thinline. I much prefer this guitar to the core 594 I owned previously, other than in the ‘coil-tapped’ mode, where the electronics don’t do that magical ‘no volume drop’ thing in single-coil mode that the core 594 did. Does PRS sell the pickups/wiring/pots from the core 594 as...
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    Sold Carr Super Bee 1x12 Combo

    Hi Still available?
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    Electric Mojo Guitars

    I’m a big fan, go Charles!
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    PRS vs GIBSON at the highest level....

    Interesting timing - I just traded my 2019 594 DC for a 60th anniversary R9. No contest.
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    New Suhr PT-15 IR Amp

    Pete - what's the recommended (smaller) Suhr cab for this amp?
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    Calling Carr Mercury and Mercury V Owners

    Go with the V. As Robert said above, a simply great amp.
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    Trying to decide between Carr Mercury V and Lincoln

    Go with the Mercury V. I've got both, and have to play at home levels currently. Both are great amps, but if you can get around the single channel, the overdrive options on the Mercury V are fabulous, though both take pedals well. Also, the Mercury attenuator can get the volume level way down.
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    50 songs about the moon

    My current lunar fave:
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    Anything like the Carr Lincoln?

    FWIW I have one for sale... Pristine in tweed/black. PM me if you want more details...
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