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    Line 6 HX Stomp

    Thx :-)
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    ‘Character’ Reverbs

    tried quite some verbs ... my amps both have spring reverb, which sounds great. Still, in recent years, I’ve mostly been using verb from my pedal board for convenience; have been running a Line 6 M5 + Strymon Timeline combo since 2011 (combined with various analog pedals), and while I do like...
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    Line 6 HX Stomp

    Got my HX Stomp some weeks ago to replace the M5 I’ve had on my board since 2011 (well, it’s actually the 2nd M5, first one died some years ago, but it saw a lot of stages before). Board build is delayed since my CBA Condor is in repair, and I want to include a Pirate MIDI Bridge 4 which will...
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    Grissom says the HX Stomp sounds more “digital” than M9?

    I’ve played the DL4, then the M9, then had the M5 on my board for 10 years. To my ears, the HX Stomp can sound the same like the M5 (of course, if you make the right settings; like input impedance etc). HX Stomp has a tiny bit more latency – I measured, it’s 1.55 ms vs. 1.2 ms on the M5. Latency...
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    Anyone like their HX Stomp for the fx only?

    Got a HX Stomp to replace the M5 which has been on my board since 2011. I also have a Strymon Timeline, yet sometimes I want those DL4 Tube Echo and Auto Volume Echoes; aside from that, my M5 was mainly used for Pitch, Modulation and occasional reverb (especially Particle verb). HX Stomp will...
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    digital pedals : How much latency do they introduce?

    Did some measurements with my M5 and HX Stomp today. Results: M5 has about 1.2 ms of latency. HX Stomp has about 1.55 ms of basic latency. Activating the HX Stomp’s FX loop will double this to about 3.1 ms – similar as it’s documented for the H9...
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    got this beautiful Reverend Club King 290 for a good 2nd hand price :-)
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    Reverend Guitars

    My first Reverend guitar ... got this fantastic Club King 290 for a good price 2nd hand last week ...
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    P-90s do you like em?

    Got this beautiful Reverend Club King 290 last week ... my first guitar with P90s (well, not Gibson originals, but Reverend’s take on P90 style soapbar PUs). Loving it so far :love:
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    NGD: Reverend Club King 290 Semi-Hollow with Bigsby

    @Bob Arbogast @beatnik & @Lacking Talent : Thanks for the kind words :dude
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    pandemic guitar acquisitions thread(pandemic =dream guitars)

    got this beautiful Reverend Club King 290 last week for a good 2nd hand price ... lowest price of any of my four electrics, still somehow a dream guitar, I’ve been lusting for one for quite some time, and it was sold out everywhere. Glad I found this one now:
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    Made a demo vid of the new Moog Subsequent 25, with an all-Moog track

    Didn’t use the audio input yet ... will get there soon hopefully! Yeah, soundwise Grandmother is great, also for creating unique new sounds the semi-modular approach is a winner, and I like the built-in spring reverb ... OTOH, Subsequent 25 has all the MIDI control options and presets which...
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