• Supporting Membership Changes

    The Supporting Memberships are currently being updated moving forward.

    In order to coordinate giveaway drawings to the Supporting Members there will be a new alignment in the naming of the tiers. (Note: Non-Supporting (Basic) and Monthly Supporting Members can get into the drawings by mailing a postcard. Details on that will follow with a giveaway starting soon).

    The pricing for each Supporting Membership level remains the same though the naming of them will change. The privileges remain the same as current but with the new name. If you are a current Supporting Member, you will be upgraded automatically for the existing term of your Supporting Membership. We are introducing a new tier with new perks.

    Table here

    Supporting Membership Guide

    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
    • Current annual Supporting Members will now be Silver Supporting Members. Perks and permissions remain the same
    • Current Silver Supporting Members will now be Gold Supporting Members
    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

    All memberships will now have the option to remain as non-recurring memberships or choose reccuring memberships moving forward. *Note: current memberships will NOT be changed to recurring memberships.

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  1. theHoss

    Worst album cover?

    "What's wrong with being sexy?"
  2. theHoss

    John Mayer on Conan: LOVE

    Great point. Tough to do both, but to do both the way he does....
  3. theHoss

    John Mayer on Conan: LOVE

    It has been a while since I have posted in a JM thread. The performance caught me totally off guard. As a fan and a player who enjoys his music I can safely say that I am more excited now than I was yesterday about his new work. That opening swirly riff caught my attention immediately and...
  4. theHoss

    Stories about Jerry Garcia

    Very cool. Thanks for the dive stories. As a diver and guitar enthusiast it is nice to know that someone you respected musically also shared similar passions. Thanks!
  5. theHoss

    Colorado Greetings

    Greetings. The last get together was a winner. I keep a list of all CO TGPers and notify them of event. Drop me a PM and I will put you on the list. Great to have you!
  6. theHoss

    GAS antidote: amp building

    I had a similar experience. I wanted to learn more about amps and their inner workings. I was lucky enough to have a builder here on TGP take me under his wing. I purchased a Mojo Tweed Deluxe and built it while hanging out with him. He gave me a quick soldering lesson and the rest was up to...
  7. theHoss

    2009 50th Anniversary Gibson R9...

    Nice. She is a bute!
  8. theHoss

    Stories about Jerry Garcia

    Dave, was that at Jack's? I got certified out there in the early 90s, I guess that was when Jerry started to get into diving. Those folks had nothing but nice things to say about him. Jerry diving seemed both complimentary and strange. I always dreamed of running into him on a dive trip. I...
  9. theHoss

    Incredible Black Crowes News!!

    I really hope this isn't an April fools joke on us TGPers because it sounds like a dream come true for you. Looking forward to the updates. Great job and good luck!
  10. theHoss

    Is a 25 watt amp loud enough for gigging?

    Are you micing it? If so, I would say heck yeah. I recently started rehearsing with my vibrochamp, and am completely satisfied with it. I can't wait to gig with it. If you aren't micing it, then as noted above you are at the mercy of your bandmates. They type of guitar will have an impact on...
  11. theHoss

    Who Are the CO Members?

    Not sure if you got the 2009 CO Tonefest invite? If not, here you go. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/530013 PM me and I can get you the details.
  12. theHoss

    Who Are the CO Members?

    PMed you with 2009 CO Tonefest info.
  13. theHoss

    Who Are the CO Members?

    yeah, let's just keep it simple. No beers at the fest, beers at the pub. I will pick up some soda's and such for the fest so we something to drink.
  14. theHoss

    Who Are the CO Members?

    The odd thing about the facility is if we want beers, we will have to get a permit and it costs an additional $70. So, if we want beers, we will need to pony up the cash for it.
  15. theHoss

    Who Are the CO Members?

    I wish. If we have extra money we could get some beers!

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