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    Avatar 2x12s

    I have one of the standard Avatar 2x12s, I've had it for about a year and I absolutely love it. I don't think I could adequately gush enough about the quality of the cabinet, or the service I was given when I ordered it.
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom R4 w/ neck alnico V pup...comments?

    I see it has a stop tail instead of a wrap, and of course the pickup change, but what other deviances does it have from a normal R4?
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    Frustrations of a guitar student.

    I am someone who has played on again and off again for many years. Unfortunately the offs happen a lot more. So my playing hasn't really progressed past strugling through whatever song, and knowing a few scales and chords. The biggest problem I have with teachers is a lack of structure...
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    Satch question: Amps on Surfin with the Alien?

    huh I always thought he was using mesa Mk1s back then. I rmember reading this article with him talking about how he got 5 with consecutive serial numbers from the factory and had to change 1 out a couple times because it sounded so different.
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    Eric Johnson Stratocaster....WOW!

    I've had mine since christmas and it is still my favorite guitar.
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    New Marshall Heads. Can They Compete with Boutique Heads?

    "if it wasnt for all the "boutique" amps out there marshall would not be doing what they are doing now with the hw series" And if there weren't a Mashall there wouldn't be much of a boutique market. Chicken and Egg. I'm not really suggesting there would be no boutique market without...
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    Historic vs. Standard...difference?

    Another few things I will point out. If you don't bother diggiing through the LPF there are a few threads on there about the finish. Historic finishes are whisper thin compared to other models. Also the historics as many know make a huge deal about using re-issue bumble-bee caps. But there...
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    Historic vs. Standard...difference?

    I have limited experience with them but I will say the 3 or 4 historics I've played were noticably better guitars than the standards and studios I've played. but what do I know, in the end I went the cheapskate route and bought a studio because it sounded good, looked purdy and weighs more...
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    New Fender amp coming soon!

    I don't know but Rod's comments sound dangerously close to bringing in the "it's hand wired or it's crap" horse to kick around for a bit. Sure there are terrific hand wired amps out there in the 1000-1500 range. There are also a lot of great PCB amps too. As far as the price being an...
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    Schecter or Ibanez?

    First, I think the Ibanezes in general have a much thinner neck than the Schecters. Not sure what the neck profile is for the 24 but the schecter neck is much closer to my PRS SE than the Ibanez is. Second, I am a huge fan of the Ibanez S bodies but it seems in the last few years if it...
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    s2 Amps Blues Junior Mod

    Edit what? I didn't say this guy is a scam or a spoof in any way. He mods BJr's and the subject of modding BJr's reminded me of a spoof auction. How is that accusing him of anything or his business, or anyone else who mods BJr's? Perhaps some should chill out and actually read what I...
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    s2 Amps Blues Junior Mod

    Not to put down s2 as I've never heard of them or their BJr mods but this thread reminds me of a spoof ebay auction from earlier this year. It was a 1200 dollar Blues Jr. The description described how the guy bought a BJr, replaced the speaker, cab, tubes, had various mods done to it and...
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    JCM 800 HW Mod Andrews Amp Labs

    "Plus, according to Jeff Andrews, the original PCB had the cheapest components on the planet." This would explain why JCM800s were such road warriors.
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    Eric Johnson Strat Discrepancies??

    I would just note the neckplate numbers can be a bit deceptive as there was a serial number error early on so there are a good number of ones floating around you might think are late models that are actually early ones.
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    The Bogner Uberkab is the best cabinet ever made for metal!!!

    When you are playing through that cab with your 5150 are you usinng you Jackson Randy Rhoads Signature guitar, DOD ThrashMaster pedal and a 200' cable?
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