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  1. themightyjay

    Curious -- How Many of You Have Returned to Amps and Pedals?

    Both. Kemper is a godsend for recording and function gigs. But when you’re jamming with mates or doing original gigs or just want to get thumped in the chest nothing beats a valve amp.
  2. themightyjay

    Will modeling ever have the same feel and sound as tube amps?

    Absolutely it will, as soon as everyone here stops being all weird about it.
  3. themightyjay

    Kemper Top Jimi profiles

    The thing is, if you’re comparing the direct recordings the vendors made to your experience through an actual cab you’re always going to be disappointed as you’re using a completely different monitoring system.
  4. themightyjay

    Kemper Top Jimi profiles

    The free M Britt profile pack is fantastic, start with that. For the Zakk Wylde stuff Choptones do a fantastic pack. Avoid Top Jimi, all their profiles sound like they’ve been profiled with a broken Wah pedal in the chain.
  5. themightyjay

    FM3 - New issue?

    Currently on the waitlist in the UK for the FM3, probably not that far off. However thanks to this utter s**tshow yet again and the disgusting behaviour of the Fractal posse I think it’s fair to say Neural will be getting my money.
  6. themightyjay

    Tell me your favorite Friedman Profile for Kemper....

    Friedman BE - The Tim Owens HAWP ones, he posted them on the Kemper forum for free, really great stuff. The M Britt Dirty Shirley in his modern pack are probably my favourite Kemper profiles of all time.
  7. themightyjay

    The FM3 Launch (for me) has been one of the worst experiences of my music career

    The OP has lost 3 months work because they couldn’t record via USB, but it turns out they’ve got 3 other interfaces sitting there anyway?
  8. themightyjay

    The FM3 Launch (for me) has been one of the worst experiences of my music career

    That’s a very strange response, pretty much every high end modeller will let you reamp, especially if you have an interface. Hell it seems that the FM3 is pretty much the only one that can’t at the moment.
  9. themightyjay

    The FM3 Launch (for me) has been one of the worst experiences of my music career

    There’s no doubting that the FM3 launch is just a big joke at this point but let’s be honest, if you’ve got 3 months of recording work lined up why bother with it? If it’s crap then get rid and get something that does work, there’s plenty of options out there.
  10. themightyjay

    Beginner with Logic Pro X, I can´t get a good guitar tone with IRs

    No problem at all, happy recording!
  11. themightyjay

    Beginner with Logic Pro X, I can´t get a good guitar tone with IRs

    Silly question but did you mute the direct signal coming out/going into the focusrite? You can do this in mix control or if not there’s normally a direct monitoring switch on the front. At the moment you’re likely hearing two signals, one being the direct signal from the reactive load going...
  12. themightyjay

    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    It’s all about how you’re using it. If you’re jamming in a rehearsal room or playing small bars with no PA support then amps win, modellers can work but they’re not as good purely through a cab. However when you get into recording, bigger stages, amps to the side and through the PA and in ear...
  13. themightyjay

    Is learning songs off of youtube cheating?

    No, it’s just the same as having a one to one lesson really. Also it depends on what you want out of it. If you’re trying to train your ears then yes it’s a bad idea, if you have a ton of songs to learn for a gig and it’s the quickest way to get there, who cares?
  14. themightyjay

    Suitability of Windows tablets for practice & recording with amp sim

    It depends on the spec of the machine. I’ve been using a Surface Pro 4 for ages and it breezes through most heavy recording projects. It is an i7 model though, I would have thought a base model would struggle. If it makes a difference I don’t think I’ve found any pro audio program that works...
  15. themightyjay

    I'm ready to buy either the Line 6 Helix Floor or the Kemper Profiler Stage, but which one?

    Tough one, both sound great. Kemper has the edge subjectively for the tones you like but if you’re using a Variax then the Helix connectivity would be hard to pass up.

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