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    Middle aged men playing punk.

    Depends how it's done. I think as long as the music and lyrical content matures and ages with the band, then it can still be as brilliant and powerful as the music the same band made in their youth. Leatherface were a great example, they changed as they went on but it only seemed to lend more...
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    Songs that is so unmistakenly telecaster

    The crunching guitars in this... quintessential Telecaster. Also this. Absolutely proof positive Teles can rearrange your organs while still being absolutely Tele. Chris Spencer is know for using a stock Fender Twin, turned all the way up for the overdrive, with a DOD 250. What a sound.
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    Amps for punk..

    Really anything with good gain that doesn't flub out when you palm mute will be perfect. The bands you've listed are fairly diverse in punk subgenres but you can't go wrong with any of the suggestions here. With that said I've been using a Laney GH100L lately and you can find those for the cost...
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    NGD Gibson SG Tribute

    There's something really classy about an SG in a nice brown... like a great cup of coffee with cream. Happy NGD!
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    What is the most memorable amp you have ever played?

    A limited edition red tolexed Marshall JCM 800 2203 that belonged to the studio where my band recorded our last EP. I was hearing it in the control room through monitors but my god, with my Les Paul it was such a massive eureka moment of hearing the guitar sound of almost every single band I...
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    2021 Fenders leak

    Right?! It's a like an Esquire and a Les Paul Junior cross, insanely cool. Reminds me of a Potvin Ranchero but without the four figure price tag.
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    2021 Fenders leak

    Sweet jesus this Squier Jag... :drool
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    2021 Fenders leak

    Oh man, that Tele and Strat! A hardtail with P90s and (effectively) a Tele Jr... so awesome.
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    NGD - SG Special Pelham Blue

    Doesn't really get much cooler than that, happy NGD!
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    Looking for the Most Raw Overdrive/Preamp

    The DOD 250 has a pretty neutral EQ curve apart from cutting a bit of bass as you ramp up the gain, so it doesn't sound too 'manicured' like some overdrives can. One of the reasons I love it.
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    Recommendations for a great strap

    I really like Levy's, really well made stuff. I've also had great results with DSL straps for a slightly less pricey alternative.
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    What is the smallest number of pedals you need to do (almost*) everything you do?

    Tuner, Delay and Overdrive assuming the amp has good gain of its own. Tuner, Delay and RAT if it's not my amp and I have to run it cleanish.
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    Any pedal that blurs the line between fuzz and OD…

    DOD 250 definitely gets into fuzz territory with the gain in its higher reaches.
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    Epiphone Guitars 2021 Wish List

    Adding to the call for an SG Jr as well as Doublecut Jrs/Specials, preferably in TV Yellow & Cherry. I'm glad they brought back the Coronet & Wilshire too... basically more P90 stuff. Also would not say no to some satin/plaintop Les Pauls in darker hues.
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    NAD MGL50

    Wow, great sounding head. Nice score!