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    What happened to ARC Effects?

    Wonder what new things/improvements he could be coming out with
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    What happened to ARC Effects?

    Honestly hope you are correct and that nothing bad is going on
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    What happened to ARC Effects?

    He makes great stuff but definitely has been quiet on all social media outlets as of late
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    What happened to ARC Effects?

    His website isn't showing anything for sale and states he is working on some updates. Is this old news and I'm late to the party or is this fairly new?
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    Looking for a chorus like MXR Analogue

    Call off the search.... Analogman mini chorus. (with mix knob and external switch) best there is...
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    Put these pedals in your preferred order....

    Wah...big muff... compressor...soul screamer...EP booster... pitchfork...phaser... delay...reverb
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    NPD: YOLO (as the kids say)

    It'd be weird if it was really just a rehoused metal zone... Haha Congrats though.... I'm sure it sounds awesome!
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    Convince me my 535q is good enough and I don't need the xotic wah

    I'm not much of a wah guy, and my 535q sounds "good" but I've really been looking into the xotic wah. Seems like it (from the videos I've seen) it sounds great and is pretty solid. Any thoughts?
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    New Klon clean boost pedal

    That actually might just be when this is released
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