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  1. TheSmeeze007

    What's the cheapest pedal you currently own, use, and love?

    My cheapest pedal that rocks is a dunlop band of Gypsys mini fuzz face that I purchased used. It gets 95% of the way towards a high end boutique fuzz at a great price. I’m crazy about pedals (who isn’t on TGP), but I’ve got a lot of love for anything George Tripps has done for any of the dunlop...
  2. TheSmeeze007

    George Lynch destroys blues jam (not in a good way)...

    George sounds fine. I agree about the etiquette, though. Don’t play wailing leads through singing and do let other people in the band have their turn to solo. George is going to play in the style that he is known for; he’s not going to play straight ahead blues. He seems like a good dude in...
  3. TheSmeeze007

    Are the best strats the more expensive ones???

    I don’t think more expensive necessarily means better tonally. My favorite strat is a suhr. I had an American deluxe v neck that I did not like; it sounded really thin. I went so far as to gut the whole thing to the point it is essentially a partscaster. I got a $300 neck with a slab rosewood...
  4. TheSmeeze007

    What did meeting a ‘famous’ musician teach you?

    :)Every dude in the Aristocrats is incredibly kind and humble. I have to share this story. They have a track called “Louisville Stomp” on one of their records and I’m pretty sure it’s in reference to a gig I attended at a now-closed establishment called “Zazoo’s” in Louisville, Kentucky. I...
  5. TheSmeeze007

    Popular pedals that have lost their popularity.

    I completely agree! I also don’t see as many RC or AC boosters as in the past. Xotic used to have the best marketing with their Reality Web Video series. I think I remember being a senior in college in 2006 and spending hours watching those videos. More pedal competition now, more products made...
  6. TheSmeeze007

    EVH put a gun to Fred Durst's head.

    This is the most EVH story ever. Also the most Fred Durst story ever.
  7. TheSmeeze007

    do any of you guitar players that gig pretty regular use a solid state amp?

    I have high end tube amps, but if I were doing a cover gig I would be totally fine with using my katana 100; it’s just super convenient and I don’t have to worry about tubes. For original stuff, I’ve got to go with with my Friedman smallbox because that’s MY tone. There are lots of very cool...
  8. TheSmeeze007

    What are some of your favorite signature model guitars?

    PRS DGT. There’s magic in that axe. I set it up for 10s because the .11s were too woofy on the neck pickup with high gain. It’s so versatile and the pickups fat and juicy. Even switching to a lower string gauge it sounds huge. It’s my first and only PRS, and I’ve fallen in love with the double...
  9. TheSmeeze007

    How would you build your ultimate 5-pedal board?

    Ryra klone ews modded arion chorus ADA pbf flanger JHS unicorn v2 Strymon volante
  10. TheSmeeze007

    sold a guitar and really regret it

    I feel your pain. There are a couple of guitars and an amp I regret selling. Also, a ton of pedals. In no particular order: 1) Gibson les Paul classic custom goldtop 2) 2012 Gibson 61 sg reissue 3) custom audio amplifiers od 100 classic and a billion pedals. You are not alone!
  11. TheSmeeze007

    Who's in love with their Friedmans?

    I have a Friedman smallbox that Dave modded to have the wildwood 3rd channel. It’s the best, most flexible amp ever. It’ll do anything, the loop is killer, and having the 3rd channel for solo boosts live is incredibly practical. I just dime the gain and never use an overdrive pedal. The loop is...
  12. TheSmeeze007

    NGD: Memphis '59 ES-335 content and WTH do I do now

    I’ll just chime in a bit, although I recognize my situation is not the same as the OP. In early 2013 I bought a 2012 Gibson SG 61 reissue at guitar center in a close out for a steal. Realized it had the laminate board and sold it a few months later. It just really bugged me that it had a...
  13. TheSmeeze007

    PRS guitars and age of player poll....

    36 years old right here. Picked up a used 2000s swamp ash special several years ago and I sold it. Decent guitar, but kind of meh, and super heavy. Recently purchased a brand new DGT. It’s an excellent guitar. I’ve never had Gibson or fender custom shop guitars, but I have had production models...
  14. TheSmeeze007

    Moving away from Les Pauls. Options?

    Check out the PRS DGT as well. I got one this year and I love it; the tone is not quite a les Paul but to me it is in the vein of the tones of vintage Allman Brothers, for example. Very flexible guitar as well. And it plays better than any les Paul I have ever experienced. I’m a big fan of the...
  15. TheSmeeze007

    Best purchase for 2019?

    I had two big guitar purchases this year that I absolutely loved: 1) Friedman Vintage T 2) PRS DGT Both of those guitars are EXCEPTIONAL and I will keep both forever, but, I was more blown away by the Friedman. I knew I was going to get a flawless and flexible instrument from the PRS. I did...
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