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    Hello from Rockford, IL

    A belated welcome from another Rockfordian.
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    Anyone else own a Tinman built guitar?

    I've got a bunch of them. They're okay.
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    Why Do I Hate Colored Tolex Amps?

    No, I had Mojotone make those.
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    J&R Music in NYC?

    Thanks for the information everyone.
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    J&R Music in NYC?

    Anyone have any opinions on this outfit? I'm considering buying a Guild acoustic from them. They are nearly 20% cheaper than any of the other online merchants. I am aware of the risks generally associated with buying a guitar without having seen or played it. I'm specifically looking for...
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    TV Jones T-Armonds: Yes they can -- with clips!

    Okay. Alder body, Fralin P90 with alnico pole pieces in the neck and of course a new T-Armond in the bridge, obviously a Bigsby, I recessed a Tone Pros TOM into the body to eliminate the need to angle the neck. I used a Warmoth maple neck with an ebony fretboard, '59 Roundback profile. I...
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    Ever get sick of the genre you love?

    I was really, really into the Dead from about 1981 to 1989, then, as if someone threw a switch, I developed an abhorrence for their music, as well as others in the jam band genre. No offence intended to anyone.
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    Show your colored Webers!

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    TV Jones T-Armonds: Yes they can -- with clips!

    I assume that they are potted, but I did not check for that. I have not experienced any microphonic issues after two loud gigs and several loud rehersals.
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    Black Limba / Flame Maple Pettingill Lap Steel

    Another beauty. What can you tell us about the bridge?
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    Why do great guitarists play country?

    Okay, they don't get it. Someone go ahead and explain it to these guys. I don't explain things very well, otherwise I'd do it.
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    Ryan Adams

    I'm a big fan of nearly all of his work, including Rock & Roll. Halloweenhead is an anomaly. Not characteristic of a bulk of his music at all.
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    anyone into Gang of Four?

    I saw them at Tipitina's in New Orleans in '81 or '82. Great, great show.
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    Incoming Danocaster!

    I'm having trouble with this statement. If you're really certain it will exceed your expectations, haven't you reset the bar of your expectations?
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