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    Need Over-the-Top Heavy Metal Bass Strap

    I've really been wanting to get something from this site
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    How many of you also play Bass

    Absolutely yes. Playing bass has made me much more creative on guitar and it's lots of fun. My advice would be to invest in a bass that feels great to play and looks cool. You won't want to put it down. I bought a couple cheap basses over the years just to knock around on and didn't end up...
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    When did you realize...

    I'm kinda in the opposite situation. I'm nearly 35 but didn't get to play in a gigging band til I was 32. I had jammed with friends or tried to do bands that never got off the ground. In any case, now I'd like to actually see some stuff. Tour Europe or something. I don't have a super demanding...
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    NBD! Squier Classic Vibe 70s P Bass (Walnut)

    Congrats. I love those. I have a black one
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    Sprayed my new neck with amber nitro. Now I have amber side dots.

    Also, as you play it'll wear off. I took another pic that shows that but now for some reason when I try to upload it here I get an error that says, "something went wrong. Try again or contact administrator." Well, here's the link to it anyways. Look at the difference between the left dot vs...
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    Sprayed my new neck with amber nitro. Now I have amber side dots.

    The side dots are supposed to be amber. Here's a shot of my stock Fender J Bass. Tried to get one where you could see the difference between the side and front dots
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    Let's Talk About Straps Baby

    Some of my favorites 50s style strap from an ebay user called Cornhusker DiMarzio cheetah seat belt strap I've been really wanting to try one of these though
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    Where is Fender Custom shop (master built) getting their relic inspiration from?

    I love a relic but yeah, that's a bit much for me. I feel like a lot of them are just, "what if Rory Gallagher had owned a white Strat that used to be sunburst."
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    Warmoth Neck Profile Advice

    I bought a boat neck for my Strat. I love big necks (for example, loved the neck on my Baja Tele). That said, if I could do it over, I'd get one smaller than the boat neck. I can manage it but it's really just a little too big.
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    Is gold hardware a bad idea?

    I think it's more controversial on Fender-style guitars and more readily accepted on Gibson-style. As for the wearing, I think it looks cool. Happy with my guitar
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    Your Favorite Fender Custom Colors

    Daphne blue has always been my favorite. Would love to get a J bass one day with matching headstock to match my Strat
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    Can someone explain how this progression works?

    Trying to get a better grasp on theory. I learned a progression today that I thought sounded cool. It went: E C#m Dmaj7 Emaj7 Now since Dmaj isn't in the key of E Ionian, I can only assume the key is E Mixolydian. But when I play an E Mixolydian scale over the progression, that D...
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    Your top 3 songs by Blondie?

    Yeah, the nerves version is better also. How has nobody mentioned "X Offender"
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    Les Paul Shocking Me

    When playing the same rig through my amp, it's fine. It only happens when I use the Tascam. But not sure what to do to rectify the issue
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