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    I mean, what do you say about Pete Townshend. He is extrordinary in many ways.

  2. Tonal Comfort

    Anybody here still enjoying their Epi Joe Bonamassa FB1?

    Love mine. Amazing range of tones from one pickup using the volume and tone knobs.
  3. Tonal Comfort

    Bonamassa Firebird Pots?

    I’ve got an Epi Bonamassa “Treasure“ and haven’t had the need to change them. They seem to have a nice usable range for me. If they are scratchy, perhaps some contact cleaner will help. Not sure if they are open shaft or not. Great guitar!
  4. Tonal Comfort

    Consensus on Sterling by Musicman guitars?

    I‘ve got an AX40. Killer Axis/EVH tone and feel. A little on the heavy side but that’s a minor issue. Served me well for 10 plus years.
  5. Tonal Comfort

    Did Duane Allman invent picktapping?

    I was amazed to find that there was a wikipedia entry on pick tapping: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pick_tapping No mention of it’s originators, however.
  6. Tonal Comfort

    RIP Peter Green

  7. Tonal Comfort

    Frank Marino is so good-

    I think it’s a Glynn. https://www.mahoganyrush.com/jim_glynn_guitar.htm
  8. Tonal Comfort

    Zeppelin 07 Gig - Amps

    Here's an article about the post production on Celebration Day. Jimmy's guitars/amps had varying amounts of EQing and solos had added reverbs/delays. /https://www.soundonsound.com/people/inside-track-mixing-led-zeppelin-reunion
  9. Tonal Comfort

    2020 New 5150iii 50s 6l6 Amp

    Looks great! Really like the look of those grey knobs against the black. How are the cleans?
  10. Tonal Comfort

    2020 New 5150iii 50s 6l6 Amp

    Congrats! Let us know how it sounds.
  11. Tonal Comfort

    Fender to release new 2020 Eric Johnson "Stories Collection" Stratocaster

    More info: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/namm-2020-fender-debuts-tom-morello-soul-power-stratocaster-jim-root-jazzmaster-v4-and-eric-johnson-virginia-stratocaster
  12. Tonal Comfort

    The best chord app for smartphones

    Try the smartChord app. It has a feature called "chord name" that allows you to tap on the fret positions and then it tells you the name of the chord.
  13. Tonal Comfort

    New Chase Tone pedal - '68 Red Velvet Fuzz

    Just got my final invoice as well. Bring it on!
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