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    Empty Case Storage

    Consider the inside lining and the adhesives used to make them look so good. Moisture and mould may be a consideration in the PNW. A cushy LP case would make a great place to sleep for cold mice. Tolex is also held on with adhesives. Short term might be no problem but time always seems to slip...
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    Funk Rock Instrumental

    Good stuff Man!
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    More than one board.....

    I ended up taking extra pedals and putting together a PT mini board with it, mostly to accommodate a Fishman Aura box for my acoustic. Threw on an extra delay and reverb pedal, and there is room for an OD to use with electric. The other board is a PT Jr. that is a more complete electric setup...
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    Anybody else think Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a massive bore?

    Extra 15% off the right item on got me to jump for a great deal on a RaMbler. Best Black Friday yet.
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    Carr Rambler tubes info thread

    Band sounds good. Nice organ sound there too.
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    Hamer Newport love

    Love mine too. Natural with the spruce top and Seths. Shoreline Gold looks good on that.
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    Sorry, I need a OD pedal suggestion...

    Consider the Lovepedal Amp 11? Gold version sounds good everywhere and the COT50 is already there.
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    Sold 1996 G&L Legacy

    How heavy is she and what pickups are in there? Thanks
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    A, B or C?

    Too late for "a" unless that was your decision. In that case, congratulations, well done.
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    NGD - Schecter Corsair

    Seth Lovers with all new wiring and a new PIO cap. Sounds great!
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    2 HB Tele type guitar pickup recommendations

    I put a set of Gibson '57/'57+ I had laying around in mine just to see, and they've stayed there for a while now. Rocks pretty good.
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    My disappointment with Semi hollow and options.

    Check out a Schecter Corsair. Stock it's pretty good, but better with a pickup swap. Well built guitar for not stupid money.
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    Show your Telecasters!

    What's the specific color name for that one? Beautiful!