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  1. tooter007

    Why I'm thinking of getting an se silver sky instead of a core silver sky

    I can think of 1600 reasons why to get the SE.
  2. tooter007

    SE Silver Sky - not interested

    "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas." -Dandy Don Meredith
  3. tooter007

    SE Silver Sky posted on PRS Facebook page

    Then I'd polish it off with a tall, cool Budweiser.
  4. tooter007

    PRS SE Silver Sky

    If the neck is the same as the US model, then I am in. IMO the selling feature of the silver sky is the neck.
  5. tooter007

    Suhr Classic S Paulownia opinion?

    Guitarfetish have been selling Paulownia bodies for years, very inexpensively too. I bought one of their "s" -type bodies years ago, I swear the thing was filled with helium! Made a very fun and crazy lightweight partscaster. Ironically paired it with a Warmoth neck with cost about 4x the...
  6. tooter007

    Has Asia cornered the James Tyler market?

    Kind of like a Silver Sky? :hide2:hide
  7. tooter007

    New JHS Packrat

    But dude, the skin is where the vitamins are.
  8. tooter007

    New JHS Packrat

    I had that same experience with the Bonsai, in the end the JHS modded TS9 sounded the best and that's all I would ever use.
  9. tooter007

    NGD Kramer Baretta Vintage

    Aahh the Kramer Baretta....had one back in the 80's. I "bypassed" the whole locking nut and string retainer/tree by putting the ball end of strings in the tuners, and cutting string at the bridge. Great memories, my first real quality guitar.
  10. tooter007


    Thanks for posting,..great jam. Just goes to show how cool these Kramer Baretta Specials are too. My first real guitar was an early 80's Baretta in cream white. Wish I still had that axe. I am seriously considering getting one of these Baretta Specials just because.
  11. tooter007

    JHS Series 3 Reverb

    That's interesting that you are running it in the Ceriatone OTS. I was trying it in the loop of the VHT D-50H which is kinda the same thing. I owned the Ceriatone OTS 50 about a decade ago, then stumbled upon the VHT D-50H used at a local GC recently. So far so good, reminds me very much of...
  12. tooter007

    JHS Series 3 Reverb

    Not necessarily new pedals at $100, but certainly many used pedals in that price point, TC HOF2 and any BOSS RV series certainly in that price point. I love many JHS pedals btw, again the Morning Glory is stellar and I have the JHS/Boss collab Angry Driver on my radar as well.
  13. tooter007

    JHS Series 3 Reverb

    I found it okay, not great, but okay. I think there are better reverb pedal values in the same price point and I am not hating on JHS. I absolutely LOVE the Morning Glory V4. I also found the reverb took out a bit of high end presence when engaged and I fiddled with the tone knob to try and...
  14. tooter007

    Favorite FENDER Non-CS Strat

    I agree those 7-1/4 radius are great.
  15. tooter007

    Favorite FENDER Non-CS Strat

    2014 60th Anniversary Fender American Original 1954 Strat. These were as close to custom shop that they have ever made in a production model IMHO. Limited to 1,954 pieces. Absolutely nailed it in every respect. Only thing closer and perhaps a nod better was the 2004 50th Anniversary Fender...
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