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    Need a good Fuzz pedal recommendation

    Fair enough, I just imagined they wanted something usable for more than 1 or 2 specialty tones, and some Mk I's get pretty close in tone. They are almost the same pedal, aside from the voltage difference and a cpl components.
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    How do you prefer your action? Can you deal with fret buzz?

    I prefer the neck as close to dead straight as possible, with the action set moderately, not slide high, but definitely not low. I use heavy strings, thick picks (1.5-2.0 mm), and play pretty aggressively at times.
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    orange vs peavey help me choose

    Otherwise Orange.
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    orange vs peavey help me choose

    What about a Rectoverb 25? 2 channels that cover your criteria well. I'm also one of those guys who prefers a well implemented master volume to most built in power reduction options. They all seem to change an amp's inherent character. Whether they make it squishier/more elastic, or thinner, I...
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    Someone explain to me why people think fretboard material impacts tone.

    My experience is pretty much the same. Maple and Ebony both are brighter and snappier, more bass and treble, Rosewood smoother, warmer, more midrange.
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    1986, JTM50, Early Spec 1959 or JTM45/100..........

    I consider the H30's to be low power speakers with a high power vibe. Despite the similar output rating they are far louder, and much bigger and more aggressive (75hz) or thicker (55hz) sounding then Greenbacks. They may be only rated for 30 watts, but it is a much louder 30 watts thanks to...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Been listening to this album a lot recently, also her first album.
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    Most important/prevalent guitar effect of each decade starting in the 50's-now?

    '50s - Tremolo or reverb, but probably the 2nd. But I do love that tape echo sound and it was all over the place too. '60s - Wah not a close contender within a country mile. It was on clean tones, it was on overdriven tones, it was on fuzz tones. Rock, pop, country, early funk, though not really...
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    Les Paul + Fuzz. What's your favorite?

    With humbuckers a Tone Bender. With single coils the sky is the limit, but man do I still love Tone Benders.
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    Need a good Fuzz pedal recommendation

    Start at the beginning. Get a good Tone Bender. My recommendation would be a Ramble FX Twin Bender, or if not that a Muff with mid control and switchable clipping options like the Black Arts Pharaoh. Most Fuzz Face variants and clones all lack that cut and tend toward being flat out unusable for...
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    If you could ONLY have 3 fuzzes

    Easy... Ramble FX Twin Bender V1 Analogman Sun Face High-Gain White-Dot NKT275 V7C Big Muff Pi If we are counting octave fuzz then number three switches to a Chicago Iron Octavian +.
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    I don't understand D'Angelico's strategy

    Considering D'Angelico supposedly turned away Les Paul from his New York shop because he refused to build the guitar Les Paul wanted and put the D'Angelico name on it, I highly doubt he would share your view, or desire his name on a budget entry level import. I think in fact, that if his hat did...
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    Does a Parallel wired neck pickup sound like a strat's 2 position?

    Not at all. I have a series/parallel switch on my LP's neck pickup. The pickup is pretty hot at 15kish, and to me the parallel setting sounds like a slightly overwound PAF design, and the series setting sounds roughly the same, but much hotter so a little more wooly and searing for sure. Neither...