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Recent content by transmission

  1. transmission

    Lemon Drop Overdrive pedal - lumpy's tone shop

    Same for me, had the ZII/7 Series for many years, and replaced it with the Dr Robert. Nobody should give this guy any more of their hard earned.
  2. transmission

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    Not really fussed mate, prefer MKIs.
  3. transmission

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    It clearly isn't, but let's not forget that this is just a promotional video, what we see in the vid is probably a reissue being used as a prop to tell the story. Seems like it was made near the end of the project, the original was probably back with its owner by then. But we don't know for...
  4. transmission

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    I said that Boss have tried to recreate a clone of an especially good vintage unit. You said they hadn't cloned an original, so I corrected myself by conceding that it was only intended as a clone 'sonically', assuming you were being pedantic. But now reading again what you said, it sounds...
  5. transmission

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    Sonically is what was meant.
  6. transmission

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    I'm sure in this thread somebody commented that the pcb was full of trim pots, if so, that would indicate 'tuning'. Selecting transistors in a certain range and using trim pots to ensure they operate in a desired range is exactly what you would do if you wanted an optimal and consistent...
  7. transmission

    MIJ, MIM or MIA Performer Fender Mustang?

    Fender Japan MG65, their 65 reissue. If you want to spend a little more, hunt down a VSP version. That's what I did. Here's some blurb on them, VSP stands for 'vintage special project'; these were the highest of high end guitars made for Fender in Japan in the late 2000s. As such, this gets...
  8. transmission

    Good small, affordable analog delay and reverse reverb pedals

    Red Panda Context V2 reverb has a reverse mode. It was shown at Namm, not sure if it's available yet.
  9. transmission

    "1950s Finishes" Nitro Necks on Reverb

    I ordered a neck a while back and paid for the Gotoh tuners pre installed option. I checked them as soon as I received the neck and they were stamped 'PW' on the inside, meaning they were Ping Well brand tuners, not Gotoh. I was told it was an honest mistake, but had my suspicions. I was...
  10. transmission

    ditto x2 is a piece of crap - massive volume issue, switch issues

    Lehle make a switch that's a direct replacement for the Ditto switch, works well. I modded my Ditto after it started playing up, simple job if you're comfortable soldering. https://www.lehle-components.com/EN/lehle-switch-btn.html Install vid here It's not a cheap fix, especially if you...
  11. transmission

    It's almost 2020...what's the best Deluxe Memory Man (DMM) in a smaller box?

    Hi - grateful if you could expand on what you mean about the trim pots, I've not heard that before.
  12. transmission

    New tele wiring...very excited about it!

    I have something similar, but used a 5-way super switch, along with a no load Tone pot. It has the 3 standard modern Tele positions, plus two non standard positions - cocked wah, plus a direct to output position for the bridge pickup - this is the loudest and brightest position. Interesting...
  13. transmission

    Don't buy from USA Custom Guitars (USACG).

    I'd seen you recommend Best Guitar Parts a while back as it was ex USACG employees, do you know how Soundguitarworks.com fits into all this - they both appear to be operating? Sound Guitar Works’ about us info has the following paragraphs in it, so a little confused. 'OUR COMPANY Established...
  14. transmission

    JAM pedal love?

    I think the standard Rattler is assymetrical and the Ltd / + version is symmetrical - so both in the current line up.
  15. transmission

    Robert Smith Chorus?

    Any idea what settings are used to achieve the live tone?