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    Sold 1974 Les Paul Special 55 Reissue - $1575 shipped

    I’m amazed that this is still here. If I had the dough, I’d have bought it weeks ago.
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    Old-school all Boss pedalboard

    Love it!
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    What’s your dedicated slap-back?

    If anyone was following and curious, I ended up going with an 80’s Boss DM-3. I used to have one and remember it being similar to the DN-2 but brighter. Should be a good slap back, I reckon.
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    What’s your dedicated slap-back?

    My main slap-back has been a BMF Decho but it’s gotten a little noisy and I’d like to try something else. I’d like something that can/will do a very short 30ms as well as something for a little longer 80-130ms. I have a different delay that I love for longer settings - and I rarely use more...
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    Effects that aren't for ambient, spacey, glitchy sounds

    You had me with the OP...and then you lost me. Just because you don’t use these pedals to make music doesn’t mean that others don’t. I don’t use a lot of crazy, glitchy, studdering, or ethereal effects. I like my guitar to sound like a guitar. That said, I have friends that use them to great...
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    JHS 3 Series: Cool tones / Better Value

    Not sure why these would be dismissed as “beginner’s” pedals. I’m definitely interested in the chorus and the fuzz.
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    Dual OD for American/Roots Rock

    I was going to suggest the Fulldrive as well. It’s not glamorous or going to get you any TGP awards, but they really work.
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    What do you think of Jaguars?

    I’m a big fan. I think they’re way more versatile than people give them credit for. You really have to tune your rig to them though - not the other way around. I also think that they’re a guitar that you have to learn. You have to spend some time with them to really get how they work. Damn, I’m...
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    Sold 2007 Martin D-28 - $1,750

    Unfortunately, I’ve gotta sell this ol’ gal. It’s a fantastic sounding guitar. There is a little bit of fret wear (mostly cowboy chord area) and some discoloration at the end of the headstock from a cheap clip-on tuner. Other than that, the guitar is clean. Please look through the pics - there...
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    Sold Scott Walker Jimson

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    What tuners would you put on this?

    There’s another photo that shows the back of the headstock if you swipe the above photo. To answer your question, there’s no indication that it’s ever had other tuners - though, I’ve never removed the current tuners. There could be some under the plate.
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    What tuners would you put on this?

    Care to explain why? I’m guessing that’s a dig at the guitar, no?
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    What tuners would you put on this?

    The old ones just haven’t been doing the job and they turn backwards so kinda odd to use, anyway. I’m not trying to stay original or anything. I’m thinking Grover minis but I’m looking for suggestions.

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