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Recent content by trazan

  1. T

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    At feature I can't live without, at least!
  2. T

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Been searching....Is there no global EQ on outputs...??
  3. T

    Modelers that react to Guitar Volume Changes?

    You did engage "Inst" (high z) on your interface when you went direct?
  4. T

    About Sennheiser Ew 500 G3 units

    Has anyone tried the "Cable Emulation" in the SK 100 beltpacks? If so, could you describe it? Does it sound like cable? I bought the 500 series for the extra bandwidth etc, but the SK 500 (G4) transmitters doesn't have cable emulation in the menu. I do miss having a bit more capacitance in the...
  5. T

    Sennheiser wireless camera lavalier mic system...as a wireless in-ear-monitor?

    Late answer. You must be thinking of the EK 500 receiver. The EK 100 doesn't have a headphone output. That said. I have the EK 500 receiver. The HP amplifier is pretty weak, so it's only able to handle easily driven HP's. For IEM in mono and low levels it works ok. You could however likely...
  6. T

    Just discovered GarageBand. Holy Smokes!

    Huh? AAF is the newer format. It does the same as OMF + more (like automation and track names). There's no need to render tracks. Clips will line up exactly where they should.
  7. T

    Kemper guys: Can I profile an amp head without a cab (using a load box) and load up an IR for cab?

    The JDX 48 doesn't seem to have an output without cab emulation, which makes it kinda useless for direct profiles :)
  8. T

    Metheny and Kemper

    Haha, seriously? Methinks you haven't used the Kemper much. Or do you feel it's only artsy to turn parameters when they mimic real world parameters?
  9. T

    Helix: US warranty change

    Ikke i Norge heller. Minimum 2 year warranty. And then an additional 3 years of "reklamasjon" for things that should be expected to last more than 4 years. So, often you'd have 5 years of warranty on these things :cool:
  10. T

    Kemper/Axe FX Users: Need recommendation of accurate FRFR headphones

    The HD600's are wonderful. However, I wouldn't rely on any headphone for dialling in your sound. The best way I've found for preparing at home, is recording a loop and make adjustments while listening through studio monitors.
  11. T

    Kemper Amp Profiling - Assist Needed

    Which mid level (price wise) mic do you recommend? An SM57 works fine, as it has done for decades. At least if you don't have a mic preamp (+48v), you need a dynamic mic. Do mic cables (quality) make a difference, if so which ones should I consider? Nah, unless it's ****** quality/faulty. Do I...
  12. T

    Help! Classical or acoustic mic'd to my Axe FX

    Did you try turning "direct monitor" control to "input" (and set it to mono)?
  13. T

    Altering dynamic/frequency response (Kemper video)

    Just a heads up on the ducking functionality of the EQ in the Kemper!
  14. T

    Loud popping with Kemper

    You should either turn all profiles down to match the loudness of those clean profiles, without clipping. Or compress them. You can use the Compressor parameter in the amp section. Those clean sound have much higher peaks than distorted, compressed ones. You sure it's not the input of whatever...
  15. T

    I despise my KPA right now

    But the "external storage" appears on screen, so you can format them, make backup etc?