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    Help me pick a light guitar for metal

    My 2012 Firebird is a whopping 7 lbs.
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    Polyester finish thickness effect on guitar weight.

    But used for a sealer only?
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    10’s on a Strat and...what on a Les Paul?

    Eleven of strings to 48 of Bass both Firebird and Stratocaster
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    The best neck humbucker is ___

    Zhangbucker pickups makes an LP sized firebird Humbucker called the Big Bird. It’s on the home page if you scroll down a bit.
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    PAF pickup sets that do A4 bridge and A5 neck?

    On a firebird pickup, I have a a2/a5 combo and it is nice in the neck. With a lot less output than my Strat.
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    Should I upgrade the pickups on 1994 MIJ Telecaster?

    SD Alnico 2 pro are a real nice sound through a Mesa mark style amp see the avatar
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    Calling all Mark I owners...

    The reissue manual really has a funny way of describing amps and tubes
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    Calling all Mark I owners...

    I also have a Mesa mk1 reissue it has an effects loop. Does yours have one? You really got a great deal btw
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    Mesa Fillmore instead of Fender?

    Congrats my mk1 reissue was a straight trade for a functional peavey triple xxx combo with el34 & 50 watts great sounds but not enough volume was the peavey I definitely had to fix that mk1. Because it’s really a rock legend Now
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    Is tonewood a real an important thing? (poll)

    Does infinite detail of the anchor points matter?
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    So, switches and pots do make a difference...

    I have a 2012 Firebird. I kept the electronics but changed the pickups. Will it be better off if I change the potentiometers? I think it is 500 kOhms. How much would an RS set cost?
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    Strat Experts; Ash or Alder?

    I tried a pale moon ebony tele , and it didn't have any of the specs that I wanted but it sounded so good with a GC return policy that could be fun for a few days and return it!!
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    NGD 2020 Heritage H-150 Artisan Aged!

    Beautiful. But no pictures of the head?! Just kidding.
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    On today's AXED. You're given only a 24.75 scale mahogany bodied neck and body and a fuzz face...

    APS-2, T-Top and a Sovtek mig60. I'll trade the Fuzz for a Boss Turbo Overdrive. Or: P-90s and a Gretsch twin Tremelo 6161t