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    Early Ontario-Era Jackson Dinky/Strat?

    I'm looking at a 87 Dinky/Strat from after the move from San Dimas to Ontario, Red with a Humbucker in the Bridge, and Singlecoil in the neck, relatively standard appointments beyond that. 8/10 Condition with OHSC. How would you price such a guitar? I understand that there weren't any standard...
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    Boss KATANA-AIR Wireless Guitar Amplifier

    I almost bought a Ashdown B-Social 2x6" 60 Watt Combo to do a lot of this when it was down to 200 bucks, but...I think this is a better overall package, plus I love my Katana 100 Watt Head....hmmmm
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    Sold PRS Vela Reclaimed Ltd

    Great value! Somebody got a SLICK deal!
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    What did you buy this Black Friday?

    Ordered a Red Danelectro '66 from Riff City Guitars, and then purchased a Digitech Trio & Line 6 Relay 610 from GC.
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    Sold Headrush Pedalboard New in the box!

    Are these falling off of the back of a truck or something? haha
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    Sold Headrush Pedalboard New in the box!

    635? MAN, i sure missed out!!!
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    How much of a discount off MSRP did you get on the last new guitar you bought?

    That was a GREAT sale! That's when I bought my Starla...and I concur, wish I would've bought more!!!
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    $500 Acoustic/Electric for Youth Ministry?

    The church wants to own their own guitar, with a cap of $500 USD. Used is fine, responsible teenagers will use this guitar with permission. Any thoughts?
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    More on the new Mustang

    Am I wrong in thinking that only the Katana head has a speaker out?
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    If I purchase this amp, the head version, would the full-sized Line 6 Helix be able to drive this amp via the MIDI parameters?
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    Sold PRS Black "Signature Strap" -- $18

    Interested. Still available?
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    Sold 2005 Parker Fly Deluxe

    I love it. PM'd
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    Sold Martin D15 - ($575) Southeast Mass

    Oh my word, this is a give-away. SOMEONE BUY THIS NOW BEFORE I DRIVE THERE!
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    USA PRS CE with maple fretboard and birds... How common is this?

    I would say it's a swamp ash special with the middle pickup replaced.