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    Helix 3.2?

    I’ll check that out
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    Helix 3.2?

    I'd still like a crowther hotcake.
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    Create Your Signature Pedal

    I just want a Crowther Hotcake with Trick Fall in block letters on the side.
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    The PERFECT Reverb pedal?

    I live the RV500 and the HX Stomp for reverb. The Stomp used to be just decent for reverb, but Line6 upped their game and now it's really good. Slightly OT, but the only shimmersh reverb I've played that didn't make me want to hurl was using the Boss SY-200 in the loop of the HX Stomp with an...
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    Boss SY-200

    That also lowers the return on the loop. I'm going to write Roland to see what they say. All they'd really need to do is create a blank preset.
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    How did Nobels ODR-1 become THE Nashville OD when it had sooooo much bass?

    I like mine which is a reissue, never thought of it as too bassy.
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    Great things about That Pedal Show

    I was always a big fan of guitar magazines and used to buy and really enjoy Guitarist even though I had to get it at the foreign magazine shop and pay a small fortune. I thought it was pretty cool when I stumbled on TPS and the former editor was one of the hosts. With all of these shows I think...
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    Boss SY-200

    Does anyone know if there's a way to access only the effect you have in the loop? I currently have an Eventide Ultratap in the loop of the SY-200 and I'd occasionally like to be able to access the Ultratap without having a synth sound.
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    Fender Hammertone series

    The fuzz and distortion sound very good to me in the demos I've listened to. I'll probably pick up the distortion.
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    Alternative effects for solos

    I'm not much of a soloist, but lately I've really been enjoying layering in a pad sound from the Boss SY-200. I'm not using it as overt synth sound. I have it mixed where you kind of need to listen for it, but you know when it's not there.
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    I finally unplugged from my HX Effects and went straight in to my amp.....

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but this sure aint mine and I was there in the 80's too. I'd much rather listen to processed 80's style tones than some guy playing blues cliches on a Strat straight into a tube amp, or a modern metal guy plugged straight into a high gain super duper tube...
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    HX Stomp firmware update messed up my MIDI switch settings.

    I had an issue, but then did the factory reset and restore from backup routine and all was fine.
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    The Worst OD Pedal Ever?

    Pretty early on in my journey someone gave me a Boss OD-2 to use because they were using my TS-10 and I hated the Boos. It just felt like it didn't do anything.
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    any pedal which is good enough for you to have a spare?

    Underrated pedal. I've never actually owned one, but I bought one for my nephew and have played it a bunch and liked the tones I was getting out of it a lot.
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